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Meet Mary Jane

All about Mary Jane
Animal ID: 49851260

Mary Jane is a female Rabbit rabbit.

Hello, I'm Mary Jane! Not much is known about my past, but my foster mom says I'm a lot of fun! Once I feel comfortable in the home, I'm a pretty active bun who enjoys hopping around and exploring. Thus, I would love it if my future family could provide me with lots of room to roam. When I'm given the space to explore, I love to show off my binkies! I'm still getting used to being touched, I don't really like it when you people try to pick me up. It feels like I am being caught by an owl or something. Scary stuff! Please leave me on the ground, I'll come to you on my own time. Providing me with a safe place to hide (like a cardboard hide), moving slow and quietly around me, laying on the floor in my space and waiting for me to come to you are all great ways to help me feel comfortable - especially in the beginning. Like any bun, I love to chew, so please make sure I have lots of things to chew on and keep myself entertained with! Items such as cardboard boxes and castles, paper tubes, jingle balls, wooden toys, baskets and other "rabbit friendly" toys are some great ideas. My shelter friends can help you with ideas for housing, supplies, and other things I may need or like! So, hurry up and adopt me already, I can't wait to join your family!
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Additional Information

On Hold: No

Animal Details

Age: unknown

Sex: Female

Breed: Rabbit