April Volunteer Spotlight: Corporate Volunteers


Volunteer Month Corporate Volunteers

Good Morning CHS Supporters!

We hope you are having a fabulous April so far! We are having an awesome time with volunteer appreciation month here at the shelter!

Today on the blog, we are bringing you a few details about our corporate volunteer program!

At Calgary Humane Society it is no secret that we LOVE our volunteers! In fact, we couldn’t do our work without them! In just one year our volunteers do the work of about 40 positions at the shelter – that’s a whole lot of time! Whether it is walking dogs, helping in animal health or doing dishes, our volunteers make the world go round.

In addition to our regular volunteers, we are often also lucky enough to play host to some awesome corporate groups that come in to the shelter to volunteer as a ‘team-building’ type event. We have had many corporate groups in over the years and they are always incredibly helpful to us.

How can my corporate group get involved?

We’re glad you asked! Each year we are thrilled to offer a very limited number of corporate volunteer days at the shelter.  Why limited? Well primarily this is to help ensure that each volunteer group has a quality experience and that we have the staff available to help out with our corporate volunteers. At Calgary Humane Society we are committed to setting our volunteers up for success, and that includes our volunteer corporate groups as well! Nobody wants to feel like they are just sitting around, so we carefully plan our group volunteer days.

Not able to come in to the shelter to volunteer? Have all the volunteer days for the year filled up? Never fear! In addition to on-site volunteer opportunities, we also have some awesome off-site programs that can bring Calgary Humane Society out to your office! Consider offering a third party event or booking a lunch and learn program with our community outreach facilitator! Links to all of these programs will be at the bottom of the page!

Are there any special requirements for corporate group volunteers?

All volunteers with corporate groups need to be over the age of 16 due to insurance and liability reasons.  Other than that, all details of your corporate group would be discussed with our volunteer coordinator at the time of booking. To ensure that we can accommodate your group there may be a limit on the number of employees who can attend.

What do corporate volunteers do?

Awesome question! Corporate volunteer groups typically complete larger projects around the shelter. Weeding, cleaning up large areas, preparing materials for upcoming special events, organizing storage spaces, planting gardens and even building animal enclosures have all made the “to do” list for our corporate volunteers in the past! Given the nature of our work at the shelter, projects spring up all the time so you can rest assured that we will find something for your group to help with!

Do we get to work with the animals?

Corporate volunteer groups who come to the shelter will work alongside the animals but will not work directly with the animals. This is for the safety of both your group and the animals. Working with animals at Calgary Humane Society takes specific training that must be completed prior to working with the animals. Volunteers who work with our animals typically spend the first several weeks of their volunteer shifts obtaining the training and shadowing existing volunteers to learn their volunteer role before working with the animals alone. Due to the single-day nature of our corporate volunteer program, we cannot provide the proper training to work with our animals and therefore we cannot assign any volunteer tasks to the group that involve working directly with the animals. That being said, you are more than welcome to take a walk through our adoptions department while you are visiting us to see some of the awesome animals you are helping!

How do I find out more?


Interested in having your group join us for a day of volunteer fun? Check out https://www.calgaryhumane.ca/get-involved/volunteer/ or email volunteer@calgaryhumane.ca. Currently we are fully booked for our volunteer days in 2015, but we do keep an email list as sometimes unexpected needs pop up!

Third Party Events:

Not able to volunteer at the shelter but your office still wants to help animals in need? Consider hosting a third party event to raise money or supplies for all of the animals at Calgary Humane Society! Information on third party events can be found at http://support.calgaryhumane.ca/site/TR?fr_id=1050&pg=entry or call our Resource Development team at 403-723-6000 to speak with somebody about your event!

Corporate Lunch n’ Learn:

Interested in learning more about the shelter? Looking for a lunch and learn that will pack the boardroom? Consider inviting Calgary Humane Society! Our community outreach facilitator will visit your office for an unforgettable hour-long session! To discuss availability and determine what program will best meet your needs, please contact our Humane Education team at: humane.education@calgaryhumane.ca.