Alone and Hurt but Tough and Fearless


Hello! I’m Batman….defender of Calgary Humane Society!”


Yes, that’s right my real name is Batman and like the real capped crusader my life was not an easy one. I don’t remember much of my upbringing and things are fuzzy for me up until I was about 5 months old. At that time I was found along the road west of Calgary with a fractured jaw and my skin was torn from my chin.




Like I said, I don’t remember much of my ‘kittenhood,’ or what happened to me, but after I arrived at Calgary Humane Society I heard a really nice Veterinarian say my injury maybe happened a week ago. She said it looked like I was hit by a car or something because it was really bad. BUT, I didn’t let it get me down, and still purred and was super hungry!


I guess that’s why it hurt when I ate and I always had a headache.


Once I was put in the care of the wonderful people at Calgary Humane Society, I knew my life would be different.




First, they fixed my fractured jaw and it was so nice to be able to eat pain free. Plus, I almost had forgotten what life was like without a headache. After my surgery, I had a long road of recovery and spent that time in a warm and loving home with my foster family. They took such good care of me, and once I was healed they brought me back to the shelter to find my forever home.


But to my surprise, many people are superstitious and it’s not easy for a black cat to be adopted. Well, the Adoptions team were clever and held a “Black Cat Special” on a weekend and wouldn’t you know it… I found my forever family!




Everyone at Calgary Humane Society was so awesome and I can’t thank them enough. But during my stay at the shelter, I learned how the care I received was possible because of loving donors like you who want to help animals like me; and so I’d like to say thank you like only a cat can…


With Love and “puurrrs”,


PS. On average, Calgary Humane Society admits 123 stray cats every month that require medical intervention. Your donation directly supports these animals and more – thank you!


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