It happened so fast and there was so much pain…

I don’t remember much before a nice man found me in the ditch. There was a loud bang and then pain that I hope to never feel again.

Hi, my name is Bo. I was hit by a car and left badly injured in a ditch, until that nice man came along and took me to Calgary Humane Society. When we got there, a pretty lady comforted me while the vets examined me and realized I had a broken pelvis.



I just wanted the pain to stop!

The next thing I knew, I was waking up from emergency surgery wrapped in a heating blanket and I was feeling much better. I was so happy, but I knew I had a long road of recovery ahead of me. During my recovery, I couldn’t be moved much and spent a lot of time in my kennel. Lots of people came to see me, but I’m a puppy and I all I wanted to do was go out and play!

Then one day a gentle, soft spoken staff member named Clare came to see me. I wasn’t too sure why she was there, so I kept my guard up just in case. She came in, sat down and started reading a book. It was about hiking, which sounded like something I would love to do someday. Clare stopped by each day to read me more books. My favourites were about camping and swimming.



Her voice was comforting, and I dreamed of the day I would take adventures like that.

I began therapy and in the beginning it was so hard. Every day staff would help me move and stretch out my legs. I started feeling better and soon was able to leave my kennel to go live in a warm and friendly foster home for the rest of my recovery. My foster mom was the best. She was determined to help me make a full recovery and twice a day we would take walks that made me stronger. But resting was also very important and I would sneak in lots of cuddles and naps between walks.

My foster mom kept her promise; I was strong and running again! When I returned to the shelter, I found out the nice man who found me in the ditch was going to be my new dad. He couldn’t stop thinking about me and knew we were meant for each other. I feel pretty special to have a dad who not only saved me, but waited patiently for me to get better.



I miss Clare, my foster mom and all the wonderful people at the shelter –

but I love my new dad and home! We are at the dog park a lot, and this summer I am going to learn how to swim in a lake!


Gratefully yours,


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