Bunny Behaviour – What does it mean?



Binky? Chinning? Stomping? Are you nodding your head in understanding or shaking your head in confusion? Don’t feel bad if you’re confused, rabbits have a unique set of behaviours they use to let us know what they’re thinking.  The good, the bad and the hilarious, bunny behaviour is unique, so let’s get down to bun-ness (That’s ‘business’ in bunny talk)  

Showing Affection
Thumper will show affection by licking, rubbing noses, nuzzling and cuddling.

Many rabbits will throw objects as an act of rebellion, after a scolding for example.

Can either show annoyance or may just be chatting with you.

Grunts, snorting or growling
What did you do? Thumper is ticked off! It may be a good idea to give him some space and come back later to apologize for whatever it is you did.

Shrill scream
A sign medical treatment needs to be sought. Thumper is in extreme pain and discomfort and needs to be seen by a vet right away.

Circling your feet
Thumper is in L-O-V-E with you! This is a sign of affection!

Unneutered males will spray to mark females or their territory. Unspayed females will also spray. Aren’t you glad you adopted from CHS and your bun came already spayed or neutered? Your carpets and walls sure are!

Thumper’s teeny chin contains scent glands, so they ‘chin’ things to indicate possession. This is the polite version of a rabbit saying, “MINE!”.

False pregnancy
Some unsprayed females may build a nest of hay and pull their own chest and stomach hair to line it.

This means Thumper is very happy and comfortable! Good job!  They jump up and twirl around. Adorable.

You thought that adopting Thumper versus Fido would mean no begging. Not quite. Rabbits are notorious beggars—especially for sweets!

Territory droppings
Poop that is not in a pile, but scattered around signifies that this territory belongs to Thumper. This is most commonly seen when a rabbit is in a new environment and has decided it likes what it sees.

Rabbits like to run! They love to stretch their legs, rip around and hop on things! Like a toddler on sugar, rabbits get the zoomies and are very active when they’re playing.

Thumper is nervous of whatever is happening around him. According to him, there is immediate danger and he’s doing his best to let you know he’s not impressed.

Teeth grinding
This is the rabbit equivalent of meowing. You’ve got a content rabbit on your hands! However, extremely loud grinding can indicate pain and a vet visit may be in order.

Rabbits are territorial animals and can often be displeased with you when you’re cleaning their space. While they are pleased with the end result (fresh food and a clean litter box – win!) they sometimes don’t like the process. If you notice your rabbit stomps or gets vocal with grunts, snorts or growls when you clean, you may want to consider putting him in his kennel or moving him to another area for the time being. It’s not that they don’t appreciate your hard work, they probably just wish they could snap their paws and ta-da, all clean!

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