Calgary Humane Society Closed due to Canine Parvo Cases

April 25, 2017

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

Calgary Humane Society has closed its doors as a precautionary measure following two positive canine parvo virus cases that came into the shelter on the afternoon of April 24. 2017.

Due to the severity of the disease, its contagious nature and the risk to the shelter’s animal population, the two dogs were humanely euthanized. All animals are being quarantined and all dogs are being monitored for symptoms of the disease.

Shelter staff are deep cleaning the entire facility to reduce the chances of the disease spreading and to ensure the safety of the public. The risk to the public is very low as these infected dogs came into the holding area of the shelter and did not come in contact with any animals in Adoptions.

The shelter is closed until further notice. We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, if you have found a stray please bring them to your nearest veterinary clinic or the City of Calgary. If you have an animal to surrender, please either hold on to them or contact us for an appointment in the future.

We want to thank the public for their patience and understanding.