Cat-tastic summer art projects for kids!

summer art projectsGood morning, CHS supporters!

Summer is officially here! That means kids will be out of school soon and looking for something to do. Today on the blog, we’re bringing you two cat-tastic summer art projects for the whole family to enjoy! 

Kitty Cave Paintings

The Lascaux Caves are home to an incredible set of cave paintings by our ancient ancestors. Located in southern France, the Lascaux caves feature drawings of animals that date all the way back to the Paleolithic age! Using a few easy to find materials, you can create your own “cave painting” style drawings of your pets.

What you need:

Black construction paper (you can also try other colours if you are feeling creative!)

Chalk, oil pastels or “conte” crayons (chalk pastels)

Hair spray or glazing spray

What to do:

Do a google image search for “Lascaux caves” to see some examples of cave paintings. Try to figure out what stories the different cave paintings are telling as you look at them.

Think about your pet at home and a story about your pet you would like to tell with your art piece. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, it’s time to get creative!

Use the chalks or pastels to create a drawing on the black construction paper. You can use your finger to smudge the chalk and pastel to create cool effects, like fading around the edges.

When you are happy with your finished product it is time to protect it! Use hair spray or a spray on craft glaze to coat your finished product and keep the pastels or chalks from smudging.

Display your masterpiece! Find a great place in the house or take a picture of your finished product and share it with us via our Facebook community! We will share our favorites on a future blog entry!


Paw Print Impressions

Create cool 3D prints of your pet’s actual paws!

What you need:

Paper plate

Play dough (the colour doesn’t matter, so if you have one of those blobs of “all the colours” that you don’t know what to do with it would be perfect for this project)

Cardboard or paper


Plaster of paris

Craft paint (whatever colours you like)

What to do:

Knead the playdough until it is very soft and then form it into a disc that is at least ½” – ¾” thick. The diameter of the disc should be larger than your pet’s paw (4 inches or so is usually big enough).

Carefully place your pet’s paw onto the center of the playdough disc and press it in gently. When you take the pet’s paw out have a look at the impression left behind. If you are not happy with it you can squash the playdough up and try again.

Once you have an impression you are happy with, take the cardboard or paper and wrap it around the edge of your disc, taping it in place. The end result should look like a cylinder with the disc at the bottom. This is now your plaster mold

Mix up the plaster of paris and pour it into your mold. Once it has hardened, peel off the playdough and clean up your impression.

Paint your impression however you would like!