Cocktails for Critters 2015: Hello again! It’s me, Duke!

hello it's me duke


Hello again! It’s me, Duke!

Remember me? I am your OFFICIAL 2015 Cocktails for Critters Spokesdog and for the last few months I’ve been sharing my story with you. In case you missed it, here is the review:

I was supposed to be a designer dog… but somewhere along the way things went wrong. When I was born my legs didn’t work properly and I couldn’t breathe well. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t play. Every day I struggled just to get enough air.

And that was my life for my first two years, until Calgary Humane Society saved me. I still remember the day everything changed. I was at home when some officers came to the house. They looked at me and all of the other dogs in the house. They promised they would help us. The day I was rescued I met a lot of nice people! I used my irresistible charm to make friends with all the ladies… nobody could resist my kisses! 

After I made friends with everyone, it was time to see the vet. One of my new friends tried to walk me there, but they soon discovered how much trouble I was in. After trying to walk only a few feet I turned blue and collapsed. My legs couldn’t carry me and I was gasping for air. They grabbed me and rushed me in to the animal health clinic…

It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed in just one year.

This year I celebrated Thanksgiving with my new family for the very first time. For the first time ever I got to smell the turkey cooking, and what a smell that was! My mom had a hard time convincing me to leave the kitchen! I was hoping I’d get my own plate of Thanksgiving dinner but my mom wouldn’t share. She said that Thanksgiving dinner would not be good for my tummy, but I mustered all of my charm and managed to convince one of the dinner guests to share a bite of turkey with me under the table. Turkey wasn’t the only thing I was thankful for!

Last year, I was in constant pain and could barely walk… this year, thanks to you, I am healthy and active.

Last year, I had no hope of a better life… this year, I have a new home, an amazing life and a mom that loves me to the moon and back.

This year, thanks to you, I have a happily ever after.

Your support is what made my happily ever after a reality. Thanks to your support, Calgary Humane Society gave me the medical care I needed and found me a home where I will never be neglected again. I want every animal at Calgary Humane Society to have a happy ending like mine.

It’s a tall order, but together I know we can do it. There are only a couple of weeks left to get your ticket and join me at Cocktails for Critters! Your ticket purchase will help to fund happy endings for thousands of animals. Together we will stand up for animals in need and have a great time doing it! I’ve arranged an INCREDIBLE fashion show featuring beautiful clothing from Espy and hosted by Calgary’s own Style Guys, Jason and Aly! I will also be showing off my new physique on stage alongside some of Calgary’s biggest celebrities, including Brett Wilson and Tara Nelson!

Are you ready to change the lives of thousands of animals in need of a second chance? Join me and my friends at Cocktails for Critters for an evening of incredible food, tons of fun and, of course, the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for Calgary Humane Society! Tickets can be purchased online HERE!

I can’t wait to see you there!