COUNTDOWN To Dog Jog 2015 Begins


Gary + Stella

Hello Calgary Humane Society (CHS) Supporters!

Welcome again to our COUNTDOWN to Dog Jog 2015! We are looking forward to yet another GREAT day filled with friends, fun and, of course, Fido! From now until Dog Jog, we will be bringing you all the best behind the scenes stories… so if you would like to share some photos or stories about your Dog Jog preparations, please send them to us and you may see them featured in an upcoming blog!

Here is our first behind the scenes interview of the season! We sat down with our brand new General Manager of Communications, Sage Pullen McIntosh to learn what is in store for this year! 

CHS: So Sage, welcome to the team. This will be your first Dog Jog, but can you tell us what you have planned so far?

Sage: Absolutely! I’m very excited for the big day. We have a great plan for this year. Those of you who remember Dog Jog 2014, may remember we had some… err… interruptions… to the regularly scheduled program and we are pleased to say that we have resolved those technical issues [Editor’s note: We took the laptops away from all the office critters] and we are looking forward to bringing you a season of uninterrupted coverage from our official Spokesdog, Rufus!

Gary: HOLD IT.

CHS: Oh no.

Gary: Did I just hear you refer to me as an INTERRUPTION? THE NERVE! I’ll have you know I WON that Dog Jog fair and square. I raised MORE money than the Spokesdog. I demand recognition!

CHS: Ugh, Gary it was wonderful having you be a part of our fundraising efforts for Dog Jog last year but its Rufus’ turn this year.

Gary: I had a victory song and everything!

CHS: Gary, you already have an advice column, and a blog column and your own CHS BMO Card. You don’t need any more recognition. What more do you want?

Gary: CATWALK 2015.

Sage: Well, this interview has taken a turn.

CHS: First of all, Gary, the term catwalk is already taken by the fashion industry and they might have a problem with you stealing it.

Gary: Fur like this is all the fashion you need, baby. They should be honoured I would even consider elevating their terminology.

CHS: Secondly, Dog Jog involves hundreds of people bringing their dogs for a walk in South Glenmore Park. The event is really about dogs… not cats.

Stella: I’m a cat!

CHS: What the – Stella?! Where did you come from?!

Stella: I’m here to see Gary.

Gary: I’m her coach.

CHS: Coach?

Stella: We met when my foster mom brought me for a visit.

Gary: This girl has talent! Just look at those legs; they were made for jogging, or walking… whichever you prefer.

Stella: Gary offered to be my coach when he saw how passionate I am about CHS fundraising.  With a little training from Gary I’m sure to win Catwalk 2015!


Gary: Stella will be raising funds this year and I will see to it that she beats that…. Dog!

CHS: Well I guess we will have to see about that. Sage. We are running out of time, but what can you tell us about Dog Jog 2015?

Sage: Dog Jog 2015 is taking place at South Glenmore Park on June 14, 2015 from 11:00am-2:00pm and we are really looking forward to it! We have a 2.5K and a 5K route and we welcome pets and people of all fitness levels! We also have our Barkingville Market available for anyone who does not want to do the walk but would still like to hang out. We will have lots of great vendors, some fabulous food and fun entertainment for everyone to enjoy. We are the only dog-friendly fundraising walk in the city, so we hope to see everyone out with their furry family members! Registration is now open online, so you can register and start raising money as an individual or a team!

CHS: Awesome! Thanks so much, Sage. We look forward to speaking with you again later this month!

Sage: My pleasure.

CHS: Well there you have it, CHS Supporters! We hope to see you all out at Dog Jog 2015!


Register online HERE to start your Dog Jog 2015 fundraising!