Hello there! For a big dog, I’ve learned a big lesson in life…. My name is Diamond, and I’d like to tell you my story.

It was a very cold day in January when my life was turned upside down. I was living in a home where the conditions were pretty scary and the police showed up. They called Calgary Humane Society because I was living in such dirty conditions, I guess he was talking about all the piles of belongings, garbage and my waste everywhere.

A Peace Officer from Calgary Humane Society showed up to take me away. I was so scared. He took me to their shelter, and I was extremely fearful of the strange people, sounds, and smells. I cowered in my kennel and growled at anyone who came near me. I’m supposed to be big and strong, but this was more than I could handle!

I was scared, confused and overwhelmed. I needed help!

My situation was not looking good, BUT while my case was under review one of the Peace Officers offered to help me. When I first met him, I was scared and shaking. He had liver treats that smelled so good, but I still didn’t want anything to do with him.

Lucky for me, he would not give up because he knew all I needed was time and love! He sat on the floor in my kennel talking to me and slowly coming closer and I remember thinking “can I trust him?” Finally, I let him slip a leash on me and we went outside. Oh boy I loved it outside and I wagged my tail so hard it almost fell off! I still wasn’t sure if I could trust this nice Peace Officer but it was such a relief to get out of my kennel I thought I’d let him give me a few pats.

There are people who care about me! For the next couple months, that Peace Officer was committed to helping me trust people again and I became a happier dog!

However, I was still very fearful in my kennel and Calgary Humane Society decided I needed to be placed in a “Foster Home” they called the Pitbull for Life Foundation where I soon learned that a foster home was a temporary family I’d live with until a forever family adopts me. I was so sad to leave my new found friend, but happy that I wouldn’t have to live in that kennel anymore!

Little did I know, my life was going to change forever.


My new foster home was great. The family were so nice, AND they even had another dog for me to play with! Living with my foster family for a couple months was so much fun, I truly learned what a loving home was like, and then it happened. My foster family couldn’t bear to lose me and wanted me to be a permanent member of their family.

I am so thankful for Calgary Humane Society and everything they did for me. When I needed help, they were there for me. Now Calgary Humane needs your help, and I hope you’ll be there for them.

Caring donors like you help give animals like me a second chance to heal.

Please give today. Thank you from me – and all the other homeless animals.





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