Make your celebration even more special. Your gift will make a real difference in the animals lives.

Calgary Humane Society would like to recognize the following people and pets for the donations made in their name or their loved ones. To donate in honour of yourself, a family member, friend or pet, please call (403) 723-6000.

April Tributes

Jennifer Finnegan

February Tributes

Alice Dewis

January Tributes

Debra Degenstein
Jane McCorquindale
Paula McNulty


December Tributes

Chris Beck Lori Leavitt
Michele Horne Heather MacLeod
Michael Hyde Lynne Miller
Ryan Hyde Sydney Monchieff
Nathan, Kaylee, Mikayla Johnstone Marlene Nimchuck
Kathryn Kazoleas Valerie Sheppard
Robert Knipe Dawn Walls
Louise Krom Lynda Williamson
Jennifer Kurtz Robyn Williamson
Ali Larsen

November Tributes

Gillian Chatin
Chris Elliott
Errin Flaman
Aviva Hovwitz
Amanda MacLean

October Tributes

Marcus Clark
Jennifer Greene
Aaron Levy
Hannah Wu

September Tributes

Hugo & Cindy Gallante

August Tributes

Arbour Care
Jayna Ettinger
Kyle Lane
Jane Sinclair

July Tributes

Tara Nelson

June Tributes

Carol Aleksiuk

May Tributes

Jillian McManus

April Tributes

Ulker Aydin

March Tributes

Jordana Corenblum
Eliza Dolce
Aviva Freedman
Freida Litz

February Tributes

Mittens Brown
Alexis Hillen
Cliff Thickson

January Tributes

William Dymond
Ava Freedman
Margaret Holmes
Carol Shea