Thank you SO much for considering a donation to Calgary Humane Society—your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Gift cards

  • Grocery stores (we use these to purchased fruit and veggies for our rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and exotic animals!)
  • Large retail stores like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Superstore (we use these to purchase miscellaneous supplies like weigh scales, batteries, grounds keeping equipment, etc.)
  • Pet supply stores (these are particularly helpful for Foster Parents who take exotics—we send them with a gift card to buy things like crickets and meal worms! And specialty items—think heat lamps for reptiles or pumps for aquariums!


Toys!…notably, ones like

for the Dogs:

Toys of all kinds! “Indestructable” and treat/kibble-dispensing are best! Many of our dogs are “busy bees” and cannot have toys like stuffies. These sorts of toys keep their brains and their bodies active—we NEVER have enough of these types of toys!

  • KONG Goodie Bone
  • Large KONGs
  • Premier Biscuit Block
  • Petsafe Busy Buddy Chuckle
  • Petsafe Busy Buddy Barnacle
  • Hol-ee Roller Ball
  • feeder toys

for the Cats:

Simple are best! They need to be easy to clean/disinfect, fit nicely in kennels and travel easily to Foster Parents’ homes! (i.e., toy fabric mice, plastic balls, knotty knots, etc.)

for the Rabbits and Exotics:

Our rabbits and small critters love wooden chews and blocks to keep them busy. Our rabbits particularly love Cottontail Cottages, as it gives them something to explore and chew! We would also love to have some unopened bird toys for our avian friends!

  • New bird toys (budgie/cockatiel size)—no used and no rope toys please

Right now we need: hanging parrot toys and rope perches of all sizes


Food & Treats!

We do have a very specific list of brands/types we can accept due to recent recalls as well as Animal Health considerations…certain brands can cause upset tummies and many animals have sensitivities or allergies to consider!

for the Dogs:*

  • Liver bites (chicken or liver – Benny Bully’s brand) *High need item
  • Cheese Wiz – KONGS are filled with kibble and then sealed with these treats every night for a pre-bed snack!
  • Yummy wet canned dog food (Pedigee, Cesars and Iams)

*You may be considering donating rawhide, pigs ears, nylabones, hooves, or bully sticks, however unfortunately we cannot use these in our shelter setting due to risk of choking or obstruction, contamination with bacteria (Salmonella, etc.) or toxins, and gastrointestinal upset.

for the Cats:

  • Royal Canin Diet High Energy Feline wet GASTRO,HYPO,S/O Wet or dry
  • KMR milk replacement (Pet Ag brand)can be purchased at any petstore
  • Yummy wet canned cat food (Friskies Pate, Fancy Feast, Whiskas)

for the Rabbits and Exotics:

For our small animals, we are very limited in what we can provide them due to potential gastrointestinal sensitivities. Specifically, we can accept items from Oxbow Animal Health Products. Your best bet is to provide grocery and pet store gift cards so that we can buy produce and speciality items when we do have these special residents in-shelter!



Per usual standards, we are looking specifically for towels, flat sheets, fleece and blankets. We do not use fitted sheets or knit blankets (with big holes or tassels) here at Calgary Humane Society. If it is not too much to ask, can we please have you place the towels/sheets/blankets in a clear or labelled bag so we can easily sort the items out. Unfortunately, we cannot accept crochet items as the claws get caught in the fibers.


Standard CHS Wish List

Thank you so much for taking a look at our “wish list” of items that we need here at Calgary Humane Society! We update this list as our needs change, so please do keep checking on what we truly need! Storage space here at Calgary Humane Society is limited, so we do need to ensure that we are getting in the most important things for a specific time.

Those items bolded below are currently high-need items!

Also, please do check with us if you have something not on this list you think we might be able to use. If we say that we cannot use it, we do ask that you please not bring it here to the shelter as it requires staff and volunteer time to sort…and sometimes dispose if we cannot use here.

  • Small bird cages –budgie/finch’ size –clean and in new condition ONLY (please no rusting, broken or missing parts)
  • Bird dishes (small/medium preferred)
  • Rabbit dishes (small/ceramic)—preferably to hold 1 cup or less
  • Reptile INFRARED heat bulbs – red or purple 25W-75W
  • Bird perches (budgie/cockatiel size) – New rope perches, natural branch perches preferred
  • Oxbow brand vitamin C chewable tablets  for guinea pigs
  • Oxbow rabbit pellets
  • Cat food (WET food only—Fancy Feast, Friskies or Whiskas brand)
  • Cat toys
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Dog toys (we REALLY need the nice, indestructible ones—i.e. products by KONG)
  • Flat sheets, flat sheet and more flat sheets! (please no fitted sheets since animals can get tangled in the elastic)–we eat these like candy when we have puppies in the shelter since puppies make a LOT of poop…and sometimes sheets can’t be “saved” even with our industrial washers!
  • Dryer sheets
  • Harnesses and Double Ended leashes for foster parents
  • Ice cream pails (empty, clean) or NEW plastic containers WITH lids, 2L (we send foster animal food and cat litter home in these and we are running low!)
  • Lint rollers
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Litter: clay, pelleted, recycled newspaper type and must be new/sealed
  • Litter boxes, CLEAN and preferably without lids
  • KMR Liquid Milk Replacer powder (kitten); purchased from veterinarian
  • Measuring Cup (1-cup increments)
  • Metal Scrapers
  • Scales: kitchen weigh scales (for weighing up to 1 kg; typical digital scales go up to 5kg and that’s perfect!) and bathroom scales (small or large)
  • Sponge scrubbers/Pot scrubbers
  • Spray Bottles: Heavy Duty
  • Towels (LARGE)
  • X-Pens (for Foster Parents)
  • Large resealable freezer bags
  • 3M removable Command hooks

Wish List Items for Foster

  • Double ended leashes
  • Nursing Bottles (example)
  • Small kitchen scales
  • Baby Scales

Wish List items for Admissions

  • Leashes
  • Collars of all sizes
  • Notebooks
  • Pens

Wish List items for Animal Health

  • Clear or frosted scotch tape
  • New, unopened heating pads, snuggle safe discs or wheat/bean bags.  These keep our animals cozy during and after surgery.
  • Black/blue pens
  • Batteries: 9V, AA and CR2032 (used for scales, microchip scanners, and ophthalmoscope/otoscopes)
  • Canned Medical Diets (especially Gastro (Royal Canin High Energy GI Canned), A/D diets – we order these the most!)
  • Mailing labels 4” x 2” (use for our prescription labels)
  • Medications (please call first with the details of a medication donation before delivering so we can quickly confirm we can use in-house! We cannot accept expired medications)
  • Sterile (unopened) syringes (1 cc or 3 cc)
  • Sterile (unopened) needles (22G x 1”, 25G x 5/8”, 20G x 1”)
  • USB sticks (these are used to transport large x-ray files between clinics)

Wish List items for Adoptions

  • Cat wand toys

Wish List items for Animal Care

  • Care Fresh animal bedding
  • Chew sticks for small rodents

Wish List items for making Snuffle Mats

  • Fleece or Felt for simple sewing projects
  • Thread (fine or embroidery) and sewing needles
  • Cotton stuffing for sewing projects


We Cannot Accept

  • Caninsulin syringes
  • Dialysis Equipment
  • Duvets
  • Electric blankets or sleeping bags
  • Human Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Garden furniture
  • Open food (we just cannot confirm there has not been any cross-contamination or that the food has not gone stale; if we do accept an open bag, this will be offered to another rescue organization that would like to accept–we would not use it here at CHS)
  • Rabbit or guinea pig cages
  • Used brushes, toothbrushes or grooming supplies*
  • Used plastic dog or cat dishes*
  • Used cat scratching posts*
  • Any expired or opened medical supplies (If it can’t be used on a human, we can’t use it on an animal)
  • Any expired medications
  • Homemade dog or cat beds (due to ingestion of foreign materials)
  • Carpet

* You might be wondering why we can’t use some of these items and it is because the vast majority of these used items cannot be properly disinfected to use in-shelter or in foster homes!

Please do not bring items we are not able to accept. We appreciate your continued support!