Duke helps make forevers happen at Cocktails for Critters 2015

Duke Makes Forevers happen

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Duke! Your OFFICIAL 2015 Cocktails for Critters Spokesdog!

Last time I told you a little bit about what my early life looked like, but that story wasn’t just about me. In my old house I had a family too. I had a mom and some siblings… all of us shared the same life. We were all bred to look a certain way, even though our looks meant we couldn’t live normal lives. My friends at Calgary Humane Society say we were all in need of treatment.

It took months to restore us all to health. Surgeries, medical treatment, exercise plans and extra care in foster homes helped us all start on the road to recovery. Slowly but surely we all became physically healthy for the first time and learned how great a loving family could be. When it came time for us to find new homes the adoption team worked hard to carefully screen our adopters and found all of my friends a perfect match… me? Well I worked my charm on my foster mom and made her my forever mom.

Happily ever after, a brighter future, a new beginning… no matter what you call it ‘Forever’ is really what Cocktails for Critters is all about. Forever means having the medical care you need to be healthy. Forever means never wondering if you will get your next meal. Forever means knowing you are loved.

Proceeds from this year’s Cocktails for Critters event will go towards making ‘Forevers’ happen for thousands of animals in need. Together, we will help Calgary Humane Society create even more stories that end in happily ever afters.

Are you ready to change the world and make stories like mine happen? I hope so! Early bird tickets are now available! Buy your tickets today and take advantage of our special early bird price of only $150.

Preparations are already underway for the big event… but don’t worry, I’m still keeping up with my daily walk schedule. Gotta keep this new physique in top form! While I am working on my sashays for the runway, my friends are pitching in to put together an incredible night with an amazing silent auction, delicious food and, of course, plenty of entertainment!

I can’t wait to meet everyone at the big event! I’ll be making friends and handing out kisses all night long! I hope you’ll join us there!