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“Let’s Get Wild!”

Curriculum Connections – (Grade 3-12)
Module Plan 

“Animal Careers & Volunteer Virtual  Learning”

Curriculum Connections – (Grade 7-12)
Module Plan 

  • Grade 7-9
  • In this activity, you will watch 3 videos of different species living their everyday lives. During the video, mark down a tick every time you see that animal exhibit that specific behaviour.

  • Grade 10-12
  • In this activity, you will examine a scenario that involves an abandoned cat and her journey on the pathway to her forever home at the Calgary Humane Society.

  • Grade 7-9 and Grade 10-12
  • In the grade 7-9 version of this activity, you will examine real x-rays of different animals, and make an inference on what animal the x-ray belongs to based on what you observe.
  • In the grade 10-12 version of this activity, you will step into the role of a Veterinarian! You are tasked with examining some x-rays of patients in your clinic to determine what (if any) significant findings you would present back to your client’s owners.

  • Grade 10-12
  • In the following activities, you step into the world of our Animal Health Team and complete some activities that pertain to different aspects of working in veterinary medicine.

  • Grade 7-9
  • In this activity, you will learn which organization that works with animals is appropriate to call in different scenarios, then create your own scenario to stump your classmates!

  • Grade 7-9
  • In this activity, you will use the clues from our video lesson to match departments to their descriptions in this fun way to explore all of CHS from the comfort of your classroom!

  • Grade 7-12
  • In this activity, you will work in partners to figure out how you would answer some common interview questions if you were to attend an interview in the field of animal welfare!

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