Working Together to Bring An End to Animal Cruelty

Dog Jog is our annual walk or jog to bring an end to animal cruelty. As Calgary’s only open-admission shelter, this means one simple thing; we never say no, we never turn an animal away. When they need us, we respond.

Fundraising events like Dog Jog are vital to support the thousands of animals we take into our care every year. By investing resources into our Protection & Investigation Department Calgary Humane Society hopes to one day end animal cruelty.


Calgary Humane Society employs the only team of Provincially-appointed Peace Officers, whose mandate is to enforce the Animal Protection Act of Alberta, in the City of Calgary. An offense against the Animal Protection Act of Alberta is allowing an animal to be in distress.

Distress is defined as:

  • Lack of adequate food, water, shelter, veterinary care, space, ventilation and reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold,
  • Injured, sick, in pain or suffering,
  • Abused or subjected to undue hardship, privation or neglect.



Animals and the Law

Our Protection & Investigation Team operates under the legal framework of the Animal Protection Act and the Canadian Criminal Code.

Under the laws that govern the Alberta Animal Protection Act, allowing or causing an animal to be in distress carries a maximum penalty of $20,000 and/or prohibition from owning or caring for animals.

The maximum penalty for the Canadian Criminal Code is five (5) years incarceration or $10,000 fine and/or a prohibition from owning or caring for animals.



What does Calgary Humane Society investigate?

The Protection and Investigation department investigated 1,051 public concerns of animal cruelty in 2018. Concerns of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment are investigated thoroughly with a focus on improving the situation of every animal encountered through a combination of education, compliance and enforcement.  In severe cases animals may be seized and/or charges laid. The table below shows the variety of cases we investigated last year.




Calgary Humane Society is dedicated to ending animal cruelty in Calgary.

Join us on Saturday, June 1 for our annual Dog Jog! Hundreds with be in attendance to help raise money to protect and care for animals that deserve a second chance to find a happy home.

Sign up for Dog Jog today!