Gary Van Meowski Advice Exclusive: Cool holiday gifts for pets (that aren’t toys or treats!)

Gary Van Meowski


Hello peoples,

The countdown is on! Only one day left to stock up on all the best holiday gifts for me.

[Editor’s note: Gary… we talked about this.]

Sigh. Fine. My peoples here at Calgary Humane Society have asked me to provide my insight into some cool holiday gifts for pets this season. Normally I’d say no, but there’s just something about the holiday season that has my heart grow three sizes, plus I saw someone hiding a distinctly catnip-scented gift yesterday, so I should probably keep myself on the good list this year. Of course, the peoples can’t make this easy, so they told me I couldn’t just list all the toys I want. Bah! Humbug.

Gary’s Top 5 Christmas Gift for Pets

  1. A Microchip – If your pet doesn’t have a microchip already, this could be the very best gift you give this season – the gift of safety and security. Microchips are available at your pet’s regular veterinarian and can be implanted during a normal vet exam without anesthesia. In the event your pet becomes lost, a microchip can be read by vet clinics and animal shelters and will link to your contact information. At the shelter we’ve had many pets reunited thanks to microchips.
  1. A new collar and tag – The holiday season is the perfect time of year to check your pet’s ID and make sure everything is in good condition. If your pet’s collar is getting too small or if it is frayed, a new collar under the tree is a great option. Has your phone number changed? Your pet would love to find a new ID tag in their stocking…
  1. A new pet bed – Nothing beats a good napping spot! Consider a new pet bed or soft blanket as a special holiday gift for Fido or Fluffy.
  1. A cat condo or outdoor agility set for dogs – If you are handy you can make these items yourself or they can be purchased for a pretty reasonable cost. While these may seem like larger purchases, it will provide your pet with years of exercise and mental stimulation! Scratching and climbing are important activities for feline well-being while learning agility can be a great way to build your dog’s confidence.
  1. Make a gift in honour of your pet – Looking to give back this holiday season? Purchase an item from our holiday catalogue or consider dropping a gift off to the “Stuff a pooch pad” campaign in honour of your pet. You will help make the holiday a little brighter for one of my friends waiting to find a forever home.

Well, there it is. 5 cool gifts for your pet this holiday. All done.

[Editor’s note: Gary… isn’t there something else you would like to say?]

Nope. Nothing else.

[Editor’s note: Seriously Gary? I still have the receipt for your present.]


In the spirit of the holiday season, I and all of my friends at Calgary Humane Society wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Have a meowy Christmas, yappy new year and any other puns that will spread cheer this holiday season.