Get Creative With Your Senior Pet

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Happy senior pet month, CHS Supporters!

Today on the blog we’re having some fun! We’ve raided the Humane Education cupboards and stolen all their best craft supplies. We’re ready to get creative!

One question that comes up at the shelter from time to time is how families can make some special memories with their senior pets while those pets are still healthy and an important part of the family. We think this is a GREAT idea, especially for families with kids. So today on the blog we’re bringing you some suggestions on making special memories with your pet when you’re caught inside on a snow day.

  1. Stage an in-home photo shoot. Set up some pretty blankets or a poofy bed in your senior pet’s favorite spot and use your camera to take some fun pictures. If posed pictures aren’t your thing, carry a camera around for the day and use it to snag more candid photos of your pet’s favorite sleeping poses or hilarious facial expressions (if you’ve never seen a photo of a cat in mid-sneeze you need to go and google that now. We’ll wait.)

The upcoming holiday season is a perfect time for an in-home photo shoot! For extra fun, use your camera timer and take some holiday card photos with your furry friend.

  1. Paw art – This creative project has unlimited paw-sibilities! (Yeah, we went there). You can purchase a commercial kit designed for paw art or use non toxic supplies to create your own project.
  • How to make a plaster paw art ornament: Gather some casting plaster (this is a type of plaster of paris with extra stuff in it to make it stronger – you can find it at most craft stores), playdough, an empty plastic cream cheese container, and some paint. Smoosh a thick layer of playdough into the container, covering the entire bottom. Then gently press your dog’s paw into it to make an impression in the dough. If you’re not happy with the impression just smoosh the playdough down and try again. Once you are happy with the impression, take a small amount of playdough to build up a little ‘post’ if you would like a hole in your ornament for a string. Mix up the plaster and pour it into the container on top of the playdough. Let the plaster set and then remove from the container and peel off the playdough – you will be left with a cool paw print ornament! Paint, glitter or decorate your ornament however you would like before using a ribbon or string to hang it up.
  • How to create Paw-casso paintings! Warning: This gets MESSY in a hurry, so we recommend using a big plastic drop sheet for this project! For this project you will need a big poster board or canvas, a plastic drop sheet, a flat tray that can be washed, some non-toxic paint and your creativity! Lay down the plastic sheet and put the canvas or poster board on top. Put some paint in the tray, thinning it out with some water if needed, and then carefully dip your pet’s paws into the paint or have them walk through the tray and onto the canvas. Let your pet walk around on the canvas or poster board to cover it in paw prints. Gently wipe your pet’s paws clean while your canvas dries a bit. Once the paw prints are dry, use your creativity to design a painting around the prints!
  1. Create a pet scrapbook! Gather photos of your pet and other special memories to create a scrapbook. If you have extra special stories about your pet make sure to write them down and include them in the book! Not a fan of scrapbooks? We’ve had other families send us photos of memory boxes too!
  1. Create a special photo frame for pet photos. Grab your art supplies and some old photo frames and get creative! Puffy paint, glitter, fun foam shapes and plastic rhinestones are fun accents to add!

There you have it! Some cold weather creativity with your senior pet. Do you have another idea? Would you like to share a photo of a project you have created? Connect with us on our Facebook page!