Foster Parent Application

Thank you for applying to the Foster Program at the Calgary Humane Society. Please complete this application with as much detailed information as possible.

Foster Parent Application Form

A basic knowledge of animal care and behaviour along with a willingness to attend further training is required.

*Please note that Calgary Humane Society no longer has a separate “holiday foster” program as we did in 2020. If you are interested in fostering over the holidays you are welcome to fill out our general application. We cannot guarantee foster placement over the holidays, but there is never an obligation to take on a foster animal. The foster team understands that busy schedules can affect foster parent availability, and will work with you on scheduling if you are only able to foster during certain parts of the year.

Application Form

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Email will be the primary method of communication from the shelter, so please check email regularly.
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Have you or anyone in your household ever been convicted of a crime for which a pardon has not been granted?(Required)
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a personal vehicle, or reliable access to a vehicle is required in order to foster with the Calgary Humane Society.
Do you rent or own your home?(Required)
If you answered rent, do you have your landlords permission to have animals in your home?
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Do you currently have any animals in the home (fostered or owned)(Required)
Include age, species, gender, spayed/neutered, date of last vaccine, and if they have been exposed to, treated, or recovered from any infectious disease (please make note if you’ve had any pets pass from an infectious disease as well). The Calgary Humane Society requires all pets in home to be up to date on vaccines. Please note, proof may be requested. While we can send fosters to home with intact animals, please note that restrictions may apply to which fosters you can take.
Have you had any of your pets declawed/debarked/cropped/docked?(Required)
Have you ever surrendered or given away any animals?

Foster Information:

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What type of dog are you interested in fostering?

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