Holiday Safety: Present edition!

Holiday Safety

Hello CHS Supporters! Welcome to December on the blog! This is the month where we celebrate all things holiday! WOOHOO! Today, we’re bringing you some important information on keeping the holidays safe for everyone. If you plan to wrap up some gifts for under the tree, keep reading!

Shiny paper, bright bows and rainbow ribbons. Everyone loves presents, even the family pet. Unfortunately, curious paws and snoopy noses can sometimes get in a bit of trouble when presents are left unattended. Here are some common holiday hazards to consider when wrapping goodies this holiday season:

Ribbons: There’s just something about ribbons! Brightly coloured, often sparkley and oh-so carefully placed a ribbon can be the perfect finishing touch for any package. Unfortunately, pets may also find these package adornments to be a temptation. When cats or dogs chew on presents they can end up eating part or all of the ribbon. Most people think stringy poop is the only consequence of ingesting this type of material but unfortunately the outcome can be much more serious. Not only can the ribbon have toxic ingredients, long pieces of string or ribbon can cause obstructions in a pet’s digestive tract. This can be very dangerous and even fatal, sometimes requiring extensive surgery to treat. Solution? Keep presents with ribbons out from under the tree until it’s time to open them and make sure all ribbons get put into a secure trash bag right away.

Tape: Ahh tape, another holiday essential and irresistible temptation to some pets. Many cats, and some dogs, LOVE to chew on tape. If your pet is a connoisseur of all things tape, you may need to hide presents to keep them safe. Much like ribbon, tape can cause obstructions in the digestive tract and can make a pet very sick. Place present seams with tape on them facing towards the floor to keep furry family members away and avoid leaving presents unsupervised under the tree.

Chewing gifts:  For some dogs, an unattended package under the tree is the perfect chew toy. Now, in most cases this will probably just lead to a whole lot of mess and maybe a last minute shopping trip to replace the gift, but if the gift under the tree contains small parts or toxic ingredients (like fine chocolate, alcohol or some types or nuts) your pet’s chewing indiscretion could create a veterinary emergency. If your pet is an indiscriminant chewer, or if they have a reputation for eating things that shouldn’t be eaten (socks are a popular example), keep all presents out of reach for safety.

Moral of the story? If you enjoy adding extra touches to your holiday packages or if you have a pet who has not yet learned proper “no peeking until Christmas” etiquette, the safest place for your holiday gifts is probably NOT under the tree. Keep those presents locked away to keep Fido and Fluffy safe and healthy.