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Bringing a furry friend into your life is a hugely exciting time! Among the top thoughts on many soon-to-be pet owner’s minds are all the fun things to do and buy: pretty leashes, cool collars, a comfortable bed, a healthy diet, fun toys and tasty treats. Along with the fun also comes the responsibility of pet-ownership including finding a good veterinarian, licensing, identification and training. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the excitement and preparation, even the most organized, loving and dedicated pet owners often overlook one crucial piece of advice: the value of pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can be an invaluable way to plan for health expenses should your pet become sick or injured. Sadly, the reality of not planning for unexpected veterinary expenses means many owners each year face very difficult, and often heartbreaking, choices.

Similar to most types of insurance, there are many options available for pet health insurance. You can customize the level of coverage to suit your budget and your animal’s lifestyle. A common myth is that pet insurance is pointless if you have an older animal. In fact, a pet’s golden years can be one of the best times to have pet health insurance. All pets adopted from Calgary Humane Society go home with 6 weeks of complimentary pet health insurance courtesy of Petsecure, getting them off to a great start in their new homes. Our adoption staff discuss pet health insurance with all adopters regardless of the pet’s age at the time of adoption.

Take my dog, Tawny, as an example. She was adopted as an eleven year old shelter dog. Having two dogs already, I was no stranger to expensive veterinary clinic visits. Thankfully, we invested in pet health insurance for both dogs, saving us thousands of dollars on vet bills. When it came time to adopt Tawny we were already familiar with the value pet health insurance provided and made the decision to invest in a policy for Tawny.
As Canada’s leading pet-insurance provider, I contacted Petsecure for information. The Petsecure representative explained any pre-existing conditions and routine vet care (check-ups and vaccines) would not be covered by the new policy, but Tawny’s other vet care – including supplementary care, special diet food and specialist services such as physiotherapy or acupuncture would be. They also explained Tawny’s end of life care, including cremation and burial would be covered as well. Other great benefits include emergency boarding and dental coverage.

Since taking out the policy, Tawny has received treatment for two mammary tumours, a urinary infection and a heart murmur. These conditions have been covered by her Petsecure policy, resulting in significant savings.

One of the things I appreciate about Petsecure is the ability to choose a policy which fits my budget. There is flexibility when selecting the amount of coverage you want, including deductibles and maximum payouts. In addition to peace of mind, pet health insurance adds predictability to our family’s veterinary expenses as the monthly premium cost is an expected portion of our family budget.

Pet health insurance is a great option for pets of all ages. For pet owners on a tight budget or those who prefer more foreseeable expenses, pet health insurance offers the security of knowing that your pet’s veterinary bills will be covered in the event of an emergency or unexpected illness. Flexible coverage plans allow you to choose the coverage level and plan that fits your budget and your pet’s lifestyle.

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