How to drink responsibly with your pooch at dog jog!

Hello CHS Supporters!

We are in the final countdown to Dog Jog 2017! We are very excited to see all of you at the festival this Saturday.

This year at Dog Jog we are introducing a brand new area: The all ages Mutt n’ Mingle Beer Gardens! The Mutt n’ Mingle is being introduced in response to previous event feedback where attendees asked us to provide an area where they could socialize and relax during the event. The Mutt n’ Mingle will provide Dog Jog attendees with a place to enjoy a refreshing beverage with friends and fellow participants (and Fido, of course!).

To get things ready for the Mutt n’ Mingle, we are bringing you some tips on how to drink responsibly with your pooch at Dog Jog!


  1. Plan Ahead! If you drink, please don’t drive. Plan ahead to have a safe way to get you and your pooch home from the event if you plan to celebrate with frosty libations. The Mutt n’ Mingle will also have plenty of non-alcoholic options available for those that need to drive home!


  1. Bring some water (and a dish) for your pooch! Just like humans, dogs get thirsty at the festival! The Mutt n’ Mingle is the perfect place to stop and give Fido a drink while you relax with friends.


  1. Keep your drinks off the ground, please! While some dogs may find beer and other drinks to be irresistible no amount of these drinks are safe for pets to consume. Please keep drinks off the ground and clean up spills promptly to keep all of the dogs at the festival safe.


  1. Hold on to that leash, please! It can be tempting to tie a leash to a table or chair, but we have seen many a table upended by an excited dog pulling on their leash! Please hold on to your dog’s leash to keep everyone safe.


  1. Please don’t let Fido visit. With so many friendly people and pooches around we understand the temptation to let dogs meet in the Mutt n’ Mingle but for safety please keep your dog(s)with your group and do not allow dogs to visit. Some dogs become stressed when meeting other dogs on leash and we want this area to be fun for everyone!


  1. Don’t forget your poop bags! Accidents happen, but please clean up after your pet if they make a deposit while visiting the Mutt n’ Mingle (or anywhere else on the Dog Jog grounds). If you forget your bags or run out please let a CHS staff member or volunteer know – we can probably find you one!


  1. Maintain Dog Jog etiquette! Watching dogs for signs of stress, giving other dogs plenty of space, keeping your dog close and giving your dog a break when they need it will help make Dog Jog and your Mutt n’ Mingle experience fun and enjoyable!


  1. Keep it in bounds. The Mutt n’ Mingle is a licensed area of the festival, so alcoholic beverages cannot be removed from the Mutt n’ Mingle and alcohol cannot be consumed at any other point on the festival grounds.

Visit our website HERE to register for Dog Jog 2017, we look forward to spending June 3rd with you all!