How to Show Your Cat Affection

The truth is, not all cats enjoy being hugged, even if it’s International Hug a Cat Day. Being held in a tight embrace, often above the ground, can be a scary situation for a kitty. You especially shouldn’t hug a cat that you don’t know well. If your feline friend isn’t one for hugs, we recommend trying some of these other ideas to show your cat a bit of extra love.


Most cats like to be scratched at the base of their ears or under their chin. You might know other spots that your cat likes to be pet. Short petting sessions are best, especially for cats that can be easily overstimulated. Be sure to keep an eye on your cat’s body language while petting to ensure they are still appreciating the extra attention.

Snuffle Mats

Make a snuffle mat (see our video tutorial here!) and hide their favourite treats or kibble in it for them to find. Snuffle mats are a fantastic enrichment activity for your cat.

Kitty “Kisses”

Slow blinking or half-closing your eyes is the equivalent of a kitty kiss. Try it out and see how your cat reacts! You may even get invited to take part in a little head bonking, another way that cats like to show affection for their people.


It may take some time to find a treat your cat really loves. Keep in mind that a treat should be just that – something different than their ordinary dry or wet food, given on rare occasions. This makes it a special reward.


Some cats really enjoy being brushed! Regular brushing is a good practice to maintain as it helps keep your cat’s coat healthy, shiny, and smooth. Brushing can also be a bonding exercise between you and your cat.


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