How to Stuff-A-Pooch Pad

Stuffing a pooch pad is a lot of hard work! This year we are trying to stuff three pooch pads; the highest goal we have ever set but a monumental accomplishment we think can be achieved with your help.

Lets have a quick look at what exactly a pooch pad is.

A pooch pad is the enclosure used in our shelter for housing our canine friends during their stay at CHS. It is their home away from home and we do our best to make their stay safe and comfortable. We provide every dog a bed to sleep on, food to eat, water to drink and toys to play with. If you have visited our shelter, you have likely seen our pooch pads and visited some our adorable adoptables.

How big is a pooch pad?

In the past we have been asked “how much stuff will stuff-a-pooch pad” and it had us seriously wondering how big a pooch pad is. We crunched the numbers and here are the results. Advisory: we are not mathematicians so please bear with us.


A pooch pad is a rectangular room that measures 4 ft 9″ wide and 7 ft 3″ long. This measures 34.44 square feet. The ceiling of a pooch pad is 7 ft 10″ in height from the floor. When calculating the total volume of a pooch pad by taking the length x width x height the result is 269.75 cubic feet. That is a lot of space to fill with donations!

We ask the public to fill our pooch pad with specific items that are a necessity for the animals in the shelter. These are items that we use at a very high rate, such as Royal Canin food, kitten meal replacement, yummy wet cat food and liver treats. Other items that we ask for are enrichment items that help make the stay of an animal more pleasant. These items could be stuffed toys, fluffy beds, housing, timothy hay, Kongs, feather wands, or bed sheets.

Without these items, we would not be able to provide the animals in our shelter the proper care and enrichment to set them up for a happy and healthy life in their future new homes. By donating to the Stuff-a-Pooch pad campaign you are directly making an impact in an animal’s life.


How much stuff will stuff-a-pooch pad?

Above are a couple of the common items we see donated to the Stuff-a-Pooch pad campaign. We wanted to know exactly how many of each item would fill a pooch pad so we crunched the numbers to get a rough approximation. Isn’t math fun?!


  • approximately 81 large bags of dog food to fill a pooch pad.
  • approximately 131 soft cat beds will stuff a pooch pad (not accounting for squishiness).
  • approximately 320 bags of timothy hay to fill a pooch pad.
  • approximately 15,872 cans of yummy wet cat food to fill a pooch pad.
  • approximately 4,060 stuffy toys to fill a pooch pad (not accounting for squishiness).
  • approximately 455 critter domes to fill a pooch pad (not accounting for the fact that they stack).
  • approximately 2,244 X-large Kongs to fill a pooch pad.


There you have it! It certainly does take a lot of items to fill a single pooch pad. We hope you can help us fill three pooch pads this year and help make this Christmas a memorable one.

Many hands make light work

Watch us unstuff a pooch pad!