Virtual Learning at the Calgary Humane Society

The Calgary Humane Society has developed an extensive virtual learning program over the last year. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we were faced with the problem of how to bring Humane Education to classrooms in Calgary without being able to come to those classrooms in person. Thanks to a generous grant from the Calgary Foundation, in 2021, we released our Virtual Education Modules. These modules offer unique benefits to students and teachers alike, and have had great success over the past year. To build upon our existing resources, this school year we have decided to offer our library of in-person presentations ONLINE through Zoom.


Our Humane Education programs are now ready to go virtual!

Our virtual programs are targeted for children in Kindergarten to Grade Six and offer a variety of topics including animal body language, wildlife, exotic pets, dog safety, animal careers, volunteering and of course, information about Calgary Humane Society! And don’t worry – we didn’t forget to include lots of cute animal footage! Our Humane Education team will guide students and teachers through the presentations and there will be a variety of appearances from staff and volunteers from all different departments here at CHS. These programs are well suited for classes, community groups, at-home learners and for any youth interested in animals!

Our virtual programs are available in a subscription-style purchase, which includes everything we have to offer for four months or you can receive access to each new topic when requested, but a minimum of two weeks must take place between each access period. We are also offering an à la carte option to purchase presentations separately based on the needs and interests of your group. The prices for these programs are as follows:


Four-month all-inclusive Subscription Program: $190 per class – Available here! 

  • One presentation per month (four months in total)
  • Activity recommendations to further student’s learning
  • Activity Worksheets
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly animal guest spotlights
  • Virtual shelter tour
  • Option for a live virtual question and answer period with a member of our Humane Education team after each presentation
  • Digital poster to print and hang in your classroom


À La Carte Programs

  • One Presentation (includes a pre-recorded presentation and a live question and answer session) – $55.00
  • Tour – Available Here! (includes a pre-recorded virtual tour and a live question and answer session) – $20.00


Presentation Topics are as follows:

  • More Than a Shelter – Available here! Learn about Calgary Humane Society and the operational aspects of running a shelter.
  • Animal Experts – Available here! Explore animal body language, how to interact with dogs in various situations, positive reinforcement training methods, and what it takes to take care of a pet.
  • Lets Get Wild! – Available here! Learn all about wildlife that we may see in the Calgary area, habituation, exotic animals and how we can show these animals respect to keep both them, and ourselves, safe.
  • Careers, Volunteer and More! – Available here! Explore different opportunities working and volunteering with animals, and what it takes to be in these roles. This will include veterinarians, peace officers, animal care attendants, foster parents, adoption counselors, behavior trainers, and administrative roles in a shelter.


Classroom Presentations via Zoom:

Want to access our library of in-school presentations, but can’t have us come to your classroom? No problem!

We have decided to offer our entire library of classroom presentations, typically delivered in-person, to be delivered via Zoom in order to make our programming more accessible to all students while we move through uncertain times. Check out the link above to see our entire library of classroom presentations and pick one that suits your class!

To book a virtual presentation, please follow the link here.


Virtual Learning at the Calgary Humane Society

Check out the table below for more information on the different options for virtual learning with the Calgary Humane Society!

Virtual Education Modules Classroom Presentations via Zoom
Price $190 for subscription

$55 for single presentation

$20 for tour

Type of Delivery Pre-recorded and live Live
Content 4 themes:

More than a Shelter

Animal Experts

Let’s Get Wild

Animal Careers and Volunteers

8 presentations:

My Pet and Me

Bullying Pets and Peers

Bullying Pets and People

Reptiles and Amphibians

Don’t Feed the Bears

The Link

Animal Protection – Police for Pets

Careers with Animals

Grade Level Kindergarten-Grade 6 Kindergarten to Grade 12
Animal Guest Included with all modules in subscription Only available for Reptiles and Amphibians
Platform Moodle Zoom
Exploration of Content Self-directed/teacher-led Facilitator-led
Supplemental Activities Tons included with subscription Only included with some presentations
Who would this programming be good for? Teachers and students who have a tight schedule and would benefit from go-at-your-own pace module learning.


Teachers and students who would like minimal scheduling.


Teachers and students who are located in one learning environment

Teachers and students who would like the experience of a live guest speaker.

Teachers and students who are partaking in online or Hub learning from a non-central learning environment


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