I was Lost but now i’m Found!

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Happy Animal Admissions Month, CHS Supporters!

We hope you are having a great January! At the shelter we are winding down after a busy holiday season but we are absolutely THRILLED to say that our adoption team is still going strong and placing many deserving animals into loving homes. Just a reminder though! In light of the very busy Christmas season, our adoption department is operating on modified hours for the next couple months in order to allow us to catch up on paperwork and staff training.

Well, if you are a member of our Facebook page (and if you aren’t, you should be!) you probably saw we already let the proverbial cat out of the bag… but we were so excited we couldn’t wait to share our latest development with you! We now have EVEN MORE ways to make sure stray animals get back to the homes that miss them!

This month in celebration of animal admissions month we are VERY excited to announce that we now have an area of our website where you can view stray animals that have been brought in to Calgary Humane Society!

Rest assured, even with our new online system our animal admission staff will still be hard at work acting as pet detectives! Each year we say that our animal admission staff have found every possible way to reunite animals with their owners and every year they prove us wrong by discovering another clever strategy – but if it means another pet gets reunited with their family we are more than happy to be wrong! Our staff are successful in reuniting hundreds of lost and stray animals with their families every year, but with over 1,800 stray and lost animals brought in to Calgary Humane Society we know more reunions are possible! Our new online system will allow pet owners to check for their own pet without coming all the way down to the shelter, which we hope will lead to more happy tails!

Where can you find this new database? We are glad you asked! Check it out here: https://www.calgaryhumane.ca/what-we-do/lost-and-found/

This database has been a long time coming, so we thought we would share some of the more popular questions that were asked during the development of this tool:

Will every pet at CHS be on the database? No. Because Calgary Humane Society takes in owner surrendered pets and also takes in pets as a result of animal cruelty investigations and legal enforcement we cannot put every pet onto the database for privacy reasons. The pets on the database are being featured in an effort to reunite them with their families as they are thought to be lost or stray. In cases where we know that the animal is not lost (owner surrenders, cruelty investigations etc.) it would not be to the animal’s benefit to be featured on the database (but they will still be featured on our website if they become available for adoption!)

Why aren’t there many dogs on the database? Dogs found within the city limits are transferred to City of Calgary Animal Services and will appear on their database. Dogs found outside the city limits will be featured on our lost and found database. If you have lost your pet within (or very close to) Calgary city limits we strongly encourage you to check BOTH the CHS and the City of Calgary websites for your pet.

If my pet comes in how soon will they be on the database? Barring technical problems (which unfortunately can sometimes delay things) we aim to have every animal on the database within 1 day of them coming in to the shelter.

Should I still call in a lost report or just check the website? Please call us to make a lost report! Websites, like everything else, are imperfect technology and if our animal admissions staff have a lost report on file they may even be able to contact you right as your pet arrives at the shelter! This will save you some boarding fees and it will also save your pet the stress of a longer stay at the shelter.

Do I still have to pay boarding/redemption fees? Yes. Redemption and boarding fees still apply to redeem your lost pet. These fees are a standard industry practice and help us to offset the costs of taking in lost and stray animals. We do everything we can to keep these fees affordable.

Can I put my name down to adopt an animal that I see on the database? No. Because animals on the database have not yet completed all of their evaluations we do not take names for potential adopters. When we prepare animals for adoption at CHS we do a number of medical and behavioural evaluations in order to establish what type of home an animal might do best in. For that reason we only begin to screen families for adoption once the evaluations are complete and the animal has been approved for general adoption. In some cases where an animal requires additional support they may be transferred to a breed rescue and will not become available for adoption through CHS.

Do you have a question about our new database? Do you have an amazing lost animal reunion story? We would love to talk to you! Connect with us on our Facebook Page or email us at community@calgaryhumane.ca.