As veterinarians at Calgary Humane Society, our average day involves a few dozen vaccinations, examinations of 10 to 15 new animals taken in, between 8 to 10 surgeries, and lots of follow-up appointments.

However, in a moment’s notice our day can become flooded with an emergency intake from a hoarding situation where we find ourselves urgently dealing with a large number of animals in distress. This is what happened in March. In a 13 day period we handled two of these cases, taking in over 40 animals which included dogs, cats, rabbits and exotics, all of whom required immediate medical attention.

We need your help to be ready in a moment’s notice!



For Calgary Humane Society it is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when”. Admitting a large number of animals on any given day is common and they can arrive at any time! For these cases having adequate equipment and supplies on hand makes a world of difference!

Because of caring donors like you, our team will have the medical resources needed in shelter and ready for the next group of animals to arrive. A donation from you will allow us to purchase essential equipment and supplies to help us treat animals including; a urinalysis machine, dental tools, a cautery unit and orthopedic equipment.



For example, urinary samples help provide information on conditions or diseases an animal may have. Currently, we process urine samples manually which takes up to 15 minutes per sample. With your support, we can purchase a urinalysis machine which will take us only seconds to process and find out what is wrong with an animal. That way we can treat them quickly and get them on the road to recovery.

Please consider sending a donation today for equipment and supplies we are going to need in a moment’s notice.


We thank you, our team thanks you and the animals thank you! With grateful appreciation,

Veterinarian team at Calgary Humane Society
26 Years of combined expertise

P.S. In the time it took to send you this letter, we may have already received a large intake of animals. We hope you can send a gift today.