Being named Kaos is not easy, as I have already used two of my nine lives!

My story begins with me roaming the neighborhood, napping on fences and enjoying the warm summer days. I knew the neighbourhood indoor cats envied me as I played outside all day and then settled in at night with my human mom for cuddles. I thought life was beautiful, never realizing the dangers an outdoor cat could face.

One day on my way back home, there was a dog in my yard. I thought it was odd, but I am okay with dogs and he looked friendly. I leapt down from the fence to greet him but he wasn’t too interested in me, so I started to head for the house to go have dinner. Before I knew it he was on top of me and was biting my head.




The pain was unbearable, as my mom rushed me to the vet.

The vet said my jaw had been fractured and would need to be placed back together. Mom picked me up the next day and the vet told her I would need some time to heal. After a few weeks I felt much better and was allowed outside again. I never thought the same thing could happen twice. Sure enough I came across another dog walking through the alley. This time I wasn’t taking any chances and ran as fast as I could to try and get away. Within seconds I could feel his teeth sink into me. I couldn’t believe I was feeling this pain all over again.




This time, my mom wasn’t able to afford my surgery and took me to Calgary Humane Society.

When we arrived, the vets discovered I had re-broken my jaw and, once again, I had to have emergency surgery to repair it. I couldn’t chew, so the nice people at the shelter fed me with a tube. After a few days, I met a lady who was willing to “foster me” while I recovered. She spent a lot of time playing and cuddling with me as I healed, and five months later I was my old self again. I even charmed my way into the hearts of a family, and they adopted me – crooked smile and all!

Now I am happy to report I am an indoor cat. I guess my story is just one reason why Calgary Humane Society insists cats stay indoors! Plus, I also learned it’s a city bylaw where cats need to stay on their own property. That’s okay with me because it’s a scary world out there!

I want to send Love and Purr’s to everyone at Calgary Humane Society who fixed me up and took such good care of me! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and all the support they receive from people like you.


Your furry friend,


P.S. There are many animals at Calgary Humane Society who need help just like I did. Please donate today so all animals can get the urgent care they need.



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