Spring and Summer mean “kitten season” at Calgary Humane Society. There is probably nothing cuter than seeing a litter of small kittens playing – and we could not agree more. Just look at how much fun Luna and her four brothers and sisters are having!

Luna and her siblings were brought to Calgary Humane Society in a box, abandoned and motherless.


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A blessing you might say, as we have the ability to help find them all forever homes. It is a big challenge to care for five young, motherless kittens for eight full weeks until they are ready for adoption, but it is a challenge we are glad to take on with the help of our amazing foster families.

Like Luna and her brothers and sisters, kittens need to be fed a lot of mom’s milk in the first four weeks of life. Being orphans, Luna and her siblings needed to rely solely on their foster family to feed them milk replacement every three hours – even through the night. As well as the many feedings required, our foster families also provide kittens with essential socialization which they need to become good companions.

Our Foster program places over 1,500 animals each year into foster homes. Your donation today will help provide the necessary supplies and resources required to care for these animals and many more.

Our foster families provide animals a warm, safe and caring environment so they can grow, recover from a surgery, and receive the love and care they so desperately deserve.

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Carrie Fritz
Executive Director
Calgary Humane Society

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