What is My Impact?


Host your Party with a Purpose today and help the animals in our care.



As Calgary’s only open-admission shelter we never turn an animal away, and every animal who comes through the doors is unique. Some require medical attention while some require vaccinations; but the one thing every animal does need is a nutritious bowl of food.

Feeding animals in shelter requires the hard dedicated work of hundreds of individuals. By participating in and donating to Party With A Purpose you are directly helping the animals at Calgary Humane Society receive the nutrition they need and deserve.


Party With a Purpose is our annual fundraising campaign that hopes to bring light to the issue of feeding shelter animals.

By hosting your Party, you will be fundraising on behalf of Calgary Humane Society to support the feeding program for the thousands of animals we care for every year.

Show your family, friends, co-workers and community why you care about Calgary animals and sign-up to host a Party with a Purpose today!


Meet Blues

Blues was discovered as a stray wandering along the highway with several other dogs. A concerned driver stopped and picked him up when they saw his visible ribs, skinny body condition, and dirty coat.

Upon examination of Blues, our veterinary team determined that he had lost a lot of muscle mass due to his low body weight. Blues also had multiple scars and inflammation around his muzzle indicative of a run-in with a porcupine.

Our veterinary team formulated a tailored re-feeding program for Blues and he was placed in a foster home for recovery and gain weight. However, as he was gaining weight, his foster family reported that Blues had itchy and irritated skin. Our veterinary team was able to solve this by switching Blues’ diet to Royal Canin’s Hypoallergenic dog food to continue his weight gain. While in foster, Blues gained nearly five kilograms and showed himself to be a friendly, silly dog who made friends with the other resident pets.

Once he was fully recovered, it didn’t take long for Blues to find a new home. He was adopted shortly after returning from foster.


Caring for Animals Takes a lot of Food

Blues is just one of the 3,191 animals admitted to our shelter in 2018. This resulted in over 160,000 cups of food served. Because we never turn an animal away, every animal that comes through our doors is unique and their requirements vary from animal to animal. For example, it takes more cups of food to feed a 110 pound Bull Mastiff than a 12 pound Shih Tzu.

The chart below shows a calculated average of the length of stay and the average amount of food we feed.



Average Length of Stay

Average #Cups/Day


13 days

3.5 cups


11 days

1 cup dry and 1/2 cup wet




How does my donation to Party With A Purpose help feed the animals at Calgary Humane Society?

Great question! Every donation, whether big or small, can go a long way to feeding a shelter animal. As you can now imagine, Calgary Humane Society uses thousands of bags of food every year. To help give you an idea of how much your donation can help, we have put together this chart below:



Your Impact


Feeds one cat for their average length of stay


Feeds two cats or one dog for their average length of stay.


Feeds two dogs for their average length of stay.


Nearly feeds three dogs and one cat for their average length of stay



We hope that you will participate in Party with a Purpose by signing up to host your own event.

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