Nine Things You Need to Bring to Dog Jog on Saturday

Hello Dog Jog Fans!

DOG JOG is just around the corner! We hope you are all getting excited to join us for a day of fun and fundraising with your best two and four-legged friends! If you are looking for tips on how to kick your fundraising into high gear for these next two weeks check out our fundraising blog HERE.

Today on the blog, we are getting ready for the big day! Here is a list of some important “don’t forget” items (and a few things not to bring) to make Dog Jog more fun for you and your pet!

Don’t Forget!


Sunscreen! We are hoping for an excellent forecast on Dog Jog day so sun protection will be an absolute must! When packing SPF for the people don’t forget to protect Fido as well! Light coloured or shorthaired dogs can wear pet safe sunscreen on areas at risk for burns.


Water! Your pup will definitely be thirsty after putting their paws to work for the cause! Bring along a water dish and some refreshments for Fido to enjoy while you wind down with snacks from the food trucks or a drink in our “Mutt n’ Mingle” beer gardens.


A 6-foot non-retractable leash! There will be lots of dogs on site and ready to have a great time on the big day and that means lots of leashes to get tangled. For safety, please keep your pup under control on a non-retractable leash that is no more than 6 feet long.


Your pledges (that were not made online)! We will have volunteers and members of our finance team on site to collect any pledges you need to drop off.


A backpack or bag! Carry supplies or use it as an eco-friendly way to carry your Barkingville Market purchases! A backpack or bag that is easily identifiable and tagged with your name and phone number (in case it gets lost) will make your day much easier!


Comfortable shoes! Whether you are joining the walk or just enjoying the festival a comfortable pair of shoes will make the day go smoothly.


A collar with ID tags! If you normally take your dog’s ID tags off while they are at home remember to clip them back on for Dog Jog day! Up to date ID is the best protection against pet loss.


Cash (the paper kind!)  While many of our vendors have credit card and debit capabilities bringing a few dollars will save you some wait time!


Vaccinations! Please make sure Fido is up to date on vaccinations and healthy enough to participate before joining us at Dog Jog. Puppies who are not fully vaccinated should stay home for their protection (but feel free to bring some pictures to show off!)


Things not to bring


Prong or pinch collars – We ask pet owners to please avoid using these types of collars at Dog Jog.


Tricycles, scooters, hoverboards etc –  Children (and adults) will find these items become hazardous quickly when there are many animals around! If you choose to ride your bike to Dog Jog please park and lock your bike securely before entering the festival grounds. (Note: Strollers are welcome for small children!)


Dog toys – Please leave Fido’s favorite toys at home as we would hate to see any toys get pilfered or ruined by another canine!


A note about reactive dogs:

Dog Jog can be fun for the whole family, but not all dogs appreciate large crowds or being surrounded by other canines. If your dog is reactive or would prefer to stay at home for Dog Jog we encourage you to make the best decision for your dog! Humans are more than welcome to come and celebrate with us even if Fido would prefer to stay at home! Feel free to bring a picture of your dog to share with your fellow pet lovers if your pooch would prefer to spend Dog Jog in the comfort of your home.

If you notice your dog is becoming stressed, please approach any staff member or volunteer who will assist you in finding a safe exit or a quiet area if needed. To ensure the safety of all attendees, dogs showing signs of stress, aggression or reactivity may be asked to leave the festival grounds.