Protection & Investigations Series Part 3: Dirty Conditions

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Shows likes Hoarders and Buried may make the issues of overcrowding, hoarding animals or dirty conditions seem like relatively new problems, but CHS Peace Officers have been investigating these claims for years.

In 2014, Peace Officers were called to 91 cases of dirty conditions. 

Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers are not concerned with the tidiness of your home. When investigating dirty conditions, they are more concerned if your home is fit for habitation. Excess accumulations of urine and feces can create health hazards for both the pet and owners alike.

It is important to ensure that an animal’s living area is maintained to avoid these health hazards.

Animals may be seized where they are forced to live in their own waste or where the state of the environment has become a hazard to any living thing.

Seized animals may be returned when adequate cleaning has occurred.

Some tips to keep an animal-home clean and healthy:

  • Regularly scoop your cats litter boxes. Have more than one cat? A good rule of thumb is to have the same number of litter boxes as you do cats, plus one.
  • Clean up after your dog in the backyard often and hose down areas where they like to pee. Can’t keep up with all the poop? Consider hiring a pet waste removal company to come and do the dirty work for you.
  • Purchase pet bedding that is easy to throw into the washing machine and make a point to do it on a regular basis. Who doesn’t love clean bedding?!
  • Decide on a cleaning schedule if you have small critters – it is easier to do a little bit each day? Or would you prefer to dedicate a couple hours on the weekend?
  • Having house training issues? Our Behaviour team here at the CHS would be happy to help and can be reach, free of charge, at 403-723-6019.