“Puppies are easy!” : Said No One Ever

Puppies are Easy

Amaya is a sweet puppy who needs a little extra care before she finds her forever home. We want to share her journey with you, so follow our weekly blog series as this girl heals and grows in our Foster Program.You can read her fist blog here. Please note: Amaya is not available for adoption at this time. 

The last time we had a puppy was when we got our boxer (Akira) three years ago. All I can remember is how awesome of a puppy she was. She was easy going and so stinking cute! I now know that my brain deliberately “forgot” the entire “puppy” phase that I had with her, so that when I was asked to foster a puppy I would think it was a GREAT idea – Thanks brain. 

Amaya is beyond adorable and sweet, but when you haven’t had a puppy for a while, you begin to remember all the little things you have to do when a puppy is around. I completely forgot that you NEED to puppy proof your house. This means always having toys out for them to chew on, instead of your hands, toes or anything that they really want to get in their mouth (including your favourite pair of shoes!) Amaya’s ability to find even the smallest – out of reach – item to put in her mouth, makes me believe she should be applying for a job at Hoover any day now. Yes, puppy proofing is a must!

We were very lucky with Amaya as she was already potty trained. She will always let us know when she has to go to the washroom, especially at 3a.m. I don’t know what it is, but she has an internal clock that I wish I could hit snooze on.

Stimulation is another thing all dogs need, but puppies are the equivalent to the Energizer Bunny, so stimulation is extremely important for them. Kongs and puzzle toys seem to do the trick, but what is wonderful about our foster program is you are able to take your foster dog to behaviour classes to help them learn new things and become a wonderful part of the doggie community. Knowing that I may have Amaya for up to a year, I wanted to get her into a class as soon as possible. Luckily, there was an opening for her to attend “Polite Pooches” on Thursday nights.

Thursday came very quickly and I was very excited to attend classes with Amaya. She did get a little distracted at first, as there were a lot of things going on and new dogs to meet, but she quickly picked up that it was time to learn and boy, was she a great student. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that she is extremely food motivated, but I like to think she was so good because I am an awesome teacher. We will go with that.

Sit was a very easy thing to learn for her as she seemed to already know this one. Yay for us! We then had to learn down. I am used to large dogs, with large legs that will allow them to lay down pretty easily. Little dogs, with little legs can pose a bit of a challenge. We seemed to get the hang of it, but not after a few failed attempts. Touch is where she really exceled. I would put my hand down and she would immediately nudge it with her smushed in nose. This made me extremely proud.

I know I forgot the puppy phase, but what I really forgot was the rewards associated with helping her learn new things. We have five more weeks of learning together at Polite Pooches and I am really looking forward to being a part of that with her. Amaya was brought to me for a reason and I am sure one of those reasons is to show me that sleep is for the weak! I am really looking forward to continuing to learn together.