Recent parvo cases came from Alberta SPCA seizure

April 28, 2017

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On Monday April 24, Calgary Humane Society assisted Alberta SPCA with a large seizure from a property in Southern Alberta. The seizure involved a number of dogs, cats, rabbits and turtles.

The dogs ranged in age and breed and a sample was selected for testing for parvovirus. All of those tests came back negative. Shortly after the intake, CHS veterinarians noticed one dog displaying symptoms consistent with parvovirus and tested the dog immediately. The test came back positive. A second dog housed with the first dog was also tested and came back positive. Both dogs were at an advanced stage of the disease and were humanely euthanized at the direction of an Alberta SPCA peace officer.

A third dog that was part of the seizure has now tested positive for parvo however this dog is in the early stages of the disease and is currently being treated at an off-site clinic.

All of the dogs from the seizure were quarantined upon intake therefore the risk of the disease spreading to the rest of our animal population is low. As a further precaution, we elected to close the shelter in order to completely disinfect each area to further minimize the chance of the disease spreading to the rest of our animal population or the public. While some may feel this measure is extreme, we place a high value on the safety of our animals and those in our community. Parvovirus is very contagious and can be difficult to treat. Vaccination is the best way to prevent parvo.

Our team continues to test the isolated dogs that came in with the seizure to ensure no other cases develop. After extensive cleaning and a risk assessment we are planning to reopen our Adoptions area as well as our Store and Reception as of noon on Monday. We will continue to divert the intake of surrenders or strays to nearby vet clinics or the City of Calgary.