My name is Ruby and boy do I ever have an interesting story for you about my time at Calgary Humane Society.



It all started when I was only one year old and my owner took me for a car ride to a strange place called Calgary Humane Society. I wasn’t sure why she was taking me there, but I assumed it was because I was pregnant and she didn’t know how to take care of me. There, I met some really nice people who gave me a checkup and quickly realized I was expecting kittens. They took such good care of me and soon I gave birth to my four adorable kittens Belle, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth and Beast. Yes, my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast so you may noticed a theme there!



However, the fun wasn’t over yet. Although motherhood was a whole new experience for me, I was really good at it. So the vets at Calgary Humane thought I would be a good surrogate mom for two brand new kittens who were found abandoned in an apartment. I graciously accepted them into my new family and named them Chip and Gaston. Being responsible for six new kittens is a big job, so they moved us all to a loving foster home to help me manage the crew… and what a relief that was!


But enough about me, let me tell you about the most interesting animals I met during my time at the shelter.

First, I heard I wasn’t the only new mother in the building. Did you know baby Hedgehogs are called “hoglets?” Neither did I, but Mama, who was seized by Peace Officers of CHS for being neglected, gave birth to two hoglet’s named Pumpkin and Prickles. Yes, these two tiny hoglet’s were adorable, but I was so glad they didn’t ask me to be a surrogate for them… as they looked very prickly.

Next, if you’ve ever visited Calgary Humane Society you may have noticed it can be a bit loud some days. Well one day in particular, it got a whole lot noisier with the arrival of 88 dogs. That’s right, 88 small Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and a few mixed breeds all arrived at the shelter on the same day. Have you ever heard what 88 small dogs in a shelter sound like? I’m sure standing beside a 747 at takeoff would be quieter! However, after I found out they all came from the same home in Lethbridge, we humbly accepted the barking and whining, as we could only imagine just how frightened they were.



Calgary Humane Society works tirelessly to save the thousands of homeless animals that go through our shelter every year.


My time at Calgary Humane Society, and in my foster home, was wonderful all thanks to the care and compassion the staff show each and every day and of course because they have incredible support from donors like you!


I am happy to report I am living with an amazing family and getting so much love. As for my four kittens and two surrogates, they were all adopted very quickly and have found their ‘furever’ homes. I heard Mama and her two baby hoglet’s are living the dream with their new families. Plus the last time I heard, almost all 88 of those loud dogs from Lethbridge have been adopted and are doing very well!

I met so many incredible animals during my stay at Calgary Humane and I hope you’ve enjoyed me telling you about just a few of them. The unfortunate reality is there are still many animals at Calgary Humane Society who need your help.

Please, consider making a gift today of any amount to help provide the best possible chance for all of them to find their furever home – thank you!

Love, Ruby

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