Sentencing in Animal Cruelty Case

Calgary, AB – Immediate Release – February 27, 2017

On September 9, 2014, a horribly neglected dog, affectionately nicknamed “Ruby” (Bamboo), was turned in to Calgary Humane Society. Despite her condition and injuries she was very affectionate and friendly. Unfortunately “Ruby” succumbed under anesthetic for reparative surgery. Investigation by Calgary Humane Society peace officers and Calgary Police culminated in the execution of a search warrant on a Dover home and the seizure of another 7 dogs, a rabbit and 3 bearded dragons. Charges were laid against Jamie O’LEARY, Janice PIPER and Michelle CASWELL. CASWELL pleaded guilty to her part in the neglect, receiving a $1500 fine and a lifetime two altered animal limit. On February 27, 2017, O’LEARY and PIPER were each sentenced in Provincial Court to $2500 fines and lifetime prohibitions from owning animals.


Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations said, “The dog that initiated this investigation was one of the most brutally neglected I have seen in all my years doing this work. Combined with her sweet temperament, her death was heartbreaking, motivating officers from both CHS and CPS to locate those responsible and ensure accountability. Seeing this case culminate as it has today is satisfying to say the least. The sentence ensures that these individuals will not be breeding animals any longer and sends a strong message of deterrence. Medical concerns must be addressed by animal owners. Ignoring the basic needs and suffering of animals will not be tolerated.”


Ruby face