So you wanna adopt a rabbit?

So you wanna adopt a rabbit


So let’s just clear the air. Half of you reading this post are thinking: “What? Calgary Humane Society has rabbits? I had no idea!” Don’t worry – we get it all the time. But it’s the truth – Calgary Humane Society gets rabbits and LOTS of them!

There’s tons of myths around rabbits including they are a caged pet (uh, definitely not!), they are messy (they can be litter trained!) and that they are the perfect pet for young children to have (we think rabbits need to be a family pet, not just the kids pet. Just like a cat or dog!). In truth, rabbits are great pets and we think you should give them a second look!

Calgary Humane Society has lots of rabbits: brown ones, white ones, tiny ones, big ones, independent ones and social ones. You name it we’ve got it!

Here is the process to make one of our adorable buns yours!

  1. Take a look on the Adoptable Rabbit section of the website. Here you will see three things: the rabbit’s photos, stats and bio. The photographs are a given – we use them to get your attention. Bunnies are c-u-t-e! Notice their photograph isn’t up yet, but there is a placeholder? Don’t worry, its coming! We just want potential adopters to know this particular rabbit is available for adoption. The stats tell you the rabbit’s age, sex, breed and colours. These tell you everything the photograph can’t. The bios are where you learn a bit about the rabbit and their personality.
  2. Did Thumper catch your eye? Great! We figured he would. He’s a cutie. Next step is to come and visit. Who needs to come? Your human family. Round up your family and head down to the shelter. We like as many family members as possible to visit to ensure Thumper is a good match for everyone. Rabbits are funny little creatures and we want to ensure Thumper’s quirks are appreciated by everyone.
  3. We’re going to ask you to fill out pre-adoption questionnaire real quick to see if you and Thumper would be a good couple. Then on-wards, to the main event: you visit!
  4. Visit with Thumper and experience love at first sight? (Or maybe it wasn’t love and you would like to visit someone else. That is a-okay with us!). Perfect! Let’s process an adoption.
  5. You need Thumper and you’re pretty sure Thumper needs you. Once everything is in order (your Adoptions counselor will go over things in greater detail) there’s just a bit more paperwork to do and Thumper will be officially yours! Congrats. You make a beautiful couple.

So there you have it. Calgary Humane Society Rabbit Adoption process. At the end of the day, we want the best for everyone involved – you and our rabbits! Find your future best friend today!