“We were freezing, hungry and clinging to life.”

It was so cold outside, but we had no where else to go. We were living in an empty trailer, trying to stay warm and we were very hungry. My name is Squash and this is a story of how my siblings and I were rescued, and how I was truly saved. As we cuddled together, we were all confused as to why we were left here all alone, and if anyone would ever help us. We were freezing, hungry and clinging to life when a man came along, scooped us up in a cardboard box, and took us to a place I thought he called the “human story?”

However, once we arrived, we soon learned he had taken us to Calgary Humane Society. We were all examined and my brothers and sisters were doing okay, but I was having a difficult time. My head was hurting and everything seemed to be blurry. I was so scared of what was happening all around me, but was sure I was going to get the help I needed. All I remember from that day was that there were veterinarians rushing all around me, a warm feeling through my body and then falling asleep.

When I woke up, the same people were watching over me constantly. My head was feeling better but all I could see were shadows and my body kept having seizures, which were really hard on me! I don’t remember much, but I do remember falling in and out of consciousness and being woken up to eat every two hours.

After staying a couple of weeks at the Humane Society, I went to a home with a really nice lady who I later found out was my foster mom. She was constantly cuddling me, feeding me with a tube and took such good care of me. For the very first time, I had a home and a family who loved me. One day, my foster mom brought home another kitten she called “Cheese.” She was little, like me, and I loved her right away! She would lead me around to help me walk in places I was unsure of, she helped me find my way to my food dish and even showed me around the litterbox. Cheese was my new best friend – I never went anywhere without her.

“She was my seeing eye cat.”

We stayed with our foster mom for two months until we were both strong enough to come back to the Humane Society and be adopted. It was scary for us because we wondered if we would get split up and never be with each other again! There was no need to worry though, because the nice people in Animal Care and Animal Health said Cheese was my “seeing eye cat” and we had to be adopted together.

Not long after going up for adoption, an amazing couple came in and we found a wonderful new family. Today, Cheese and I are inseparable and I could not imagine my life without her! We are so thankful for our foster mom and the people at Calgary Humane Society! I could not have survived without them!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me!
Gratefully Yours,

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