Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your pet!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, CHS Supporters!

We hope you are enjoying the festivities and that any visiting leprechauns have left treats instead of tricks! Today on the blog, we are talking about fun ways to bring your pet in on the festivities of the day, and why Fido shouldn’t be allowed to share your green beer.

Many dogs love to sample beer if given the chance – many pet owners learn this first hand during summer BBQs when a drink gets spilled! Interestingly, much like humans not all dogs enjoy the taste of beer or alcohol but regardless of Fido’s preference dogs should not be allowed to consume alcohol.

As omnivores, canines do have some ability to process alcohol using the same enzyme that humans do (alcohol dehydrogenase). This would help to protect a wild dog who gobbled up some partially fermented fruit or vegetable matter. When it comes to human alcoholic beverages; however, a dog’s much smaller size means that even a few sips for Fido is the equivalent of a human drinking much more. Dogs who consume too much alcohol can experience the same dangers that humans do – from intoxication to kidney/liver damage or even coma and/or death. If you think your dog may have ingested a significant dose of alcohol (remember: for a very small dog this would not take a lot) you should phone your veterinarian immediately for advice.

So if green beer is out for our furry friends, what could the leprechauns leave behind to help Fido get in on the fun? We’ve got three suggestions!

1. Garnish their food with parsley! Nothing like some festive green sprinkles to get in the holiday spirit! Parsley is an inexpensive and healthy garnish for any pet’s dinner! Parsley can also help to freshen your pet’s breath as a bonus!

2. Treat your pet to a new green toy! Whether it’s a bright green ball or some temping catnip mice your pet will not only get to enjoy a new toy, they also get some special play time with you!

3. Start some seeds for your pet-friendly garden! We know it’s a little too early to start greening up the great outdoors, but it is the perfect time to start some plants indoors! Choose pet-friendly plants like parsley, lavender or petunias so your pet can enjoy a green yard this summer!