Stolen Dog Finally Reunited With Disabled Owner

Peanut had been by his owner’s side from the very beginning, allowing her to do things she had never dreamed of doing before the Golden Retriever came into her life.

However that all changed the day Peanut was stolen. Peanut’s owner never thought she would see her best friend again, but thanks to the kindness of strangers and fellow animal lovers, Peanut’s story doesn’t end there.

Peanut the Golden Retriever came to Calgary Humane in mid-February as an owner surrender. Standard procedure at CHS, no matter how the animal comes to us, is to check for identification in the form of a tattoo or microchip. On intake, it was noted she had a tattoo and right away, our Animal Admissions staff traced the tattoo. It led them to a clinic in Vancouver and after a quick call, our staff were told it traced to a person and were given several numbers.

We called the owner, but were unable to get through. Luckily, an emergency contact number had been left and we were able to make contact.

Hearing that Peanut was in our care was a huge shock to the person left as Peanut’s emergency contact number! Several months earlier, Peanut had been stolen from a disabled woman who lived in Vancouver and relied greatly on the dog for companionship and assistance.

We learned of all the great things Peanut’s owner was able to accomplish during the time she had owned Peanut and she attributed all of them to the love and friendship the Golden Retriever had provided.

Arrangements were made immediately to get Peanut back to her rightful owner and many people donated time and money to ensure the Retriever was reunited as quickly as possible! A very generous group called Air Angels was able to get the flight from Calgary to Vancouver set up and a member of our Admissions team donated their time to drop Peanut off at the airport.

It was on Friday March 7th that the young woman and her best friend Peanut were finally reunited!

Moral of the story: don’t just get identification for your pet – ensure your contact information is keep up to date as well!

Peanut  and her owner reunited.