Suit up: it’s time for a party!

second blog

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Duke!

Whew! Who knew being a Spokesdog was so much work! The interview schedule alone is enough to up the nap schedule! Speaking of interviews, somebody asked me the other day what I credit my newfound fame and success to. Naturally, they assumed that my good looks and charming personality were my key to success. While being ridiculously good-looking certainly has perks, I can’t say I did it all on my own. I found a happily ever after with a little help from my friends at Calgary Humane Society. Now I’m looking to take advantage of how good I look in a bowtie by giving back and creating more happy stories as the official Cocktails for Critters Spokesdog!

What kind of happy endings? Well here are just some of the things that your ticket to Cocktails for Critters will make possible:

By buying a ticket you will help support:

  • Second chances for over 1,500 animals so far in 2015 who have been removed from situations of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Approximately 20% of all animals entering Calgary Humane Society in 2015 will come in as a result of protection investigations.
  • Healthy endings for the thousands of animals seen every year by Calgary Humane Society’s animal health team (including animals like me who need special care!). Last year your support helped Animal Health provide over 30,000 health exams and procedures!
  • Happily ever afters for thousands of animals adopted into new loving families. Every family adopting from CHS receives extensive education and support during the process because of you!

I’m a little dog, but I have a big vision. I see a world where no more homeless animals is a possibility. I see a world where every animal is safe and cared for. Most importantly, I see a world where there is no more cruelty, abuse or neglect.

It takes a lot more than a ridiculously good-looking Spokesdog to change the world. I know we can make this happen, but I need your help. Support my mission by joining me and all my friends at Cocktails for Critters! Together we’ll show the world what a group of people with big hearts and big dreams can do!

Tickets are selling fast! Last year over 400 animal-loving Calgarians attended Cocktails for Critters (with a SpokesCAT at the helm no less!) and I know we can beat that number! In fact, I’ve set myself a challenge. If some snooty Spokescat can bring a record number of attendees then a ridiculously good-looking SpokesDOG can do EVEN BETTER! Help me accomplish my goal of selling out this awesome event and show everyone that Spokesdogs rule! So far we’ve put together a great evening of entertainment, including an expansive silent auction, delicious food, a fabulous fashion show and, of course, my stellar runway moves! I’ll be rocking the red carpet and handing out kisses!

Can’t wait to see you there!