Help us find homes for all the good boys and girls!

This year we want to see if we can find homes for all the shelter animals so they have somewhere special to enjoy the holidays!

If you’ve been thinking of adopting a new pet… now is the time. For the month of December we’re offering reduced adoption fees on all animals. Spin the wheel of deals and discover what your reduced adoption fee will be. You can help make a tremendous difference in an animal’s life by opening your home to an animal in need!


In 2016, Calgary Humane Society was successful in finding homes for 3,493 animals. During last years Home for the Holidays campaign we saw an incredible 262 animals placed in loving forever homes! This year we are hoping to find loving homes for over 300 animals and we cannot accomplish such a feat without your help and generosity.


Let us help you find your new best friend!

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Join us from December 2nd to December 31st 

Spin the wheel of deals to earn a discount on your adoption fee and receive a pet gift basket while supplies last.




We love senior pets!

senior pets



Hello CHS Supporters!

It is a busy month here at Calgary Humane Society! With a HUGE influx of cats and birds at the shelter, our adoption staff have been working non-stop to help place them all in great homes. If you’ve stopped by the shelter you may have noticed our line-ups are a little longer than usual. We thank you all for your patience!

November is our celebration of senior pets! Adopting a senior pet can be a very rewarding experience, and we have many adopters at CHS who arrive at the shelter specifically in search of a senior animal to bring home. Today on the blog we’re bringing you a Q&A with some of our most popular senior animal adoption topics. (more…)

10 Questions To Ask Before You Get A Dog!

10 dog questions


Hello CHS Supporters! We hope you are loving dog month here on the blog. October is our month to pay tribute to all things canine! If there is a topic you’d like to see covered about man’s best friend, let us know by connecting on our Facebook community page!

Today we bring you some important food for thought if you are planning to add a new furry friend to your family. Ten important questions to ask before you get a dog!

  1. What will my life look like in the future? Have you just experienced a major life change (moving, relationship beginning or ending, birth of a child, job change etc.) or are you expecting one in the next six months? If so it is probably best to hold off on the furry new addition until things have stabilized. Along the same lines, it is important to consider what your life will look like even further into the future. The puppy you adopt today will be with you for 10-15 years or even more! Planning how you will care for your pet in the future is an important thing to think about before you make the life-long commitment!


Exotic Explorations: Hamsters

Exotic Explorations Hamster

Welcome back, CHS Supporters! Welcome once again to another exciting entry for exotics month here on the blog!

We hope you have been enjoying our exotic explorations so far and today we are bringing you a look at one of the most popular exotic pets out there… the noble hamster!

They’re tiny, they’re cute and you can call them hammy hams. What’s not to love? The hamster has established itself as a major player in the domestic pet population.

How have these endearing little rodents rocketed themselves to becoming a recognizable fixture in the world of household pets? Could a hamster be a good pet for you? Read on to find out more! (more…)

So you wanna adopt a rabbit?

So you wanna adopt a rabbit


So let’s just clear the air. Half of you reading this post are thinking: “What? Calgary Humane Society has rabbits? I had no idea!” Don’t worry – we get it all the time. But it’s the truth – Calgary Humane Society gets rabbits and LOTS of them!

There’s tons of myths around rabbits including they are a caged pet (uh, definitely not!), they are messy (they can be litter trained!) and that they are the perfect pet for young children to have (we think rabbits need to be a family pet, not just the kids pet. Just like a cat or dog!). In truth, rabbits are great pets and we think you should give them a second look!

Calgary Humane Society has lots of rabbits: brown ones, white ones, tiny ones, big ones, independent ones and social ones. You name it we’ve got it!

Here is the process to make one of our adorable buns yours! (more…)

Turtle or tortoise? What’s the difference?  

Turtle or tortoise - w

Happy Exotics Month, CHS Supporters! We hope you are loving the August weather and also enjoying our celebration of the lesser known critters here at Calgary Humane Society.

This week on the blog we bring you an answer to one of our most popular questions: What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? (more…)

Myths and Realities of Reduced Fee Adoptions

myths and realities of reduced fee adoptionsHappy July, CHS Supporters!

First, if you haven’t seen all the buzz on our Facebook wall lately, please accept a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Calgary Humane Society for the AWESOME support of our emergency adoption event. Over 200 adoptions in a week? Unreal! We cannot wait to share some of the happy tails and updates with you as we get them.

This leads to a great question that came to us last week! A few of you wrote to ask us if reduced adoption fees lead to a larger number of animals returned. We thought this was such a great question we wanted to feature it on our blog! So today, we bring you some myths and realities of reduced fee adoptions: (more…)

Why does it take longer for black cats to find a home?

black cat home

Welcome once again to Adopt a Shelter Cat month here on the blog. Today on the blog we are tackling a common question for our education and adoption staff members: Why does it take longer for black cats to get adopted?


We adopt out animals of all sizes, shapes and colours. Big, small, black, white, short and tall we adopt them all, but it is true that certain characteristics do seem to impact how long an animal stays on our adoption floor. While June may mark the celebration of all things feline, the “black cat” phenomenon is not actually limited to cats – all black animals (cats, dogs, rabbits and even snakes) generally take longer to adopt out than their more colourful counterparts. So… what’s the deal? Today we’re going to try to find out… and bust a myth while we are at it!



Guinea Pigs as a Child’s Pet: Yay or Nay?

Several things to consider before becoming a guinea pig pet parent.

Happy March, CHS Supporters!

Ahh March, time to plan out the garden, especially with spring making a surprise early appearance this year. March is a month for all things rabbit, but we will also bring you some fun features on adorable pocket pets to celebrate this month devoted to little critters.

At Calgary Humane Society one of the most common species we are asked about is the (undeniably adorable) guinea pig! These captivating little critters are about the size of a potato but sweet as jellybeans! Guinea pigs are playful and interactive pets known for their fun vocalizations, including chirps, wurbles and even purrs!

This led us to the most obvious topic for today’s blog… Are guinea pigs a good pet for children?

Guinea pigs are typically a popular thought when it comes to children’s pets for a number of reasons. Today, we are busting some common guinea pig myths and looking at a few of the reasons that a parent might consider a guinea pig for a pet.