Busted! 9 Common Rabbit Myths

Rabbit Myths


There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about rabbits in the animal world. Today we look at the nine most common.

Rabbit are easy, low-maintenance beginner pets.
Although rabbits may not need daily walks like a dog, rabbits are anything but low-maintenance. Their living space needs a daily clean and they need at least an hour of exercise. Fresh water and food must be offered daily, including a salad of well-washed dark green leafy vegetables. Like dogs or cats, some rabbits will develop chronic health issues and can require regular (and sometimes expensive) medical treatment.  (more…)

Mouse Care

Mouse Care


Welcome to March, CHS Supporters!

March is one of our favorite months at Calgary Humane Society because everything starts to turn green, our summer camp program starts to take shape and we start to plan our flower beds for the summer season.

This year we have an interesting influx of little critters at the shelter and we are spending the month of March celebrating these little furry residents. Currently we have several small animals including mice and guinea pigs, looking for great homes. Today on the blog, we’re looking at the real truth behind pet mice!

The domestic fancy mouse has been bred for many years, producing a wide variety of coat patterns and colours. Domestic mice are typically small in size and have bright eyes, dainty paws, large ears and a constantly twitching nose that make them the picture of cuteness. Their small size makes them appealing to many families with limited space. For the right family, domestic mice can be engaging and enjoyable pets, but their low cost unfortunately leads to many mice falling victim to impulse pet purchases each year. At Calgary Humane Society, we love all of our resident critters and so today we are bringing you all the information you need to care for a pet mouse! (more…)

Senior pets: what are they?


Good morning CHS Supporters!

November marks senior pet month here at Calgary Humane Society! Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a frequently asked question… what makes a pet a senior pet anyway?

Why do we need to know when our animals are considered ‘seniors’?  (more…)

Exotic Explorations: Corn Snake Edition

corn snake edition

Hello once again, CHS Supporters!

We hope you are enjoying our extension on exotics month at Calgary Humane Society! All September long we have reduced adoption fees on some of the more… unusual animals that call Calgary Humane Society home.

Today we bring you another exotic exploration of an often misunderstood species… the humble corn snake!

Ahh the corn snake. What’s not to love about this small, sleek and brightly coloured little snake? Well, unfortunately for the corn snake the number one thing that keeps adopters away is a general stigma towards snakes and snake ownership. As an exotic animal, snakes do require some special husbandry but much of the stigma faced by snakes is a result of myths. In reality, a corn snake can be a great pet for the right family. So let’s spend some time busting myths and looking at the reality of corn snakes as pets! (more…)

Pupsicles to beat the heat!

beat the heat

It’s hard to believe we have already reached the end of June, but here we are! Summer is just around the corner and if your house is anything like the shelter, your animals are probably looking for some interesting ways to beat the heat (if you have any photos of your pet staying cool this summer we would love to see them – post them in the comments section of our Facebook page!).

Today on the blog, we’re bringing you a fun project for the whole family – pupsicles!  (more…)

Cool Cats: Claw edition!

colo cats claws

Hello Calgary Humane Society Supporters!

We hope you are loving this sunshine-filled cat month here on the blog! Summer marks the busiest season for cats at Calgary Humane Society so we can’t think of a better month to cast the spotlight onto our feline friends.

Today on the blog we tackle one of the most frequently asked question about feline attributes: Claws! Learn more about how cats use them and why Calgary Humane Society believes in leaving those claws firmly attached to the cat! (more…)