Calgary Humane Society takes in 88 dogs from Alberta SPCA seizure

Media Release – April 4, 2017


Calgary Humane Society has taken in 88 dogs following an Alberta SPCA seizure from a home in Lethbridge.
The dogs were voluntarily surrendered to Alberta SPCA by the owner. The dogs are mostly chihuahua or yorkie breeds and range in age from as young as eight weeks to seniors.


Many of the dogs require extensive medical care and are being treated by CHS veterinarians and animal health staff. Most of the dogs are also very fearful and therefore require extra support in order to feel comfortable in their new environment. Once these dogs have been assessed, receive medical treatment and have been spayed or neutered, they will be made available for adoption.


Please check our website as all available dogs will be listed on our Adoptions page. Alberta SPCA will provide any updates regarding the seizure of these dogs and its investigation.


At this time, Calgary Humane Society does not require any additional food or supplies for the care of these dogs however, monetary donations can be made by calling 403-723-6000 or online at  where a special “Lethbridge Dogs Fund” has been set up.


To donate to the Lethbridge Dogs Fund, please click here


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