Research from The Canadian Association of Digestive Health and Research says “Snuffle Mats are good for people too.”

Snuffle Mat Article pic


April 1, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On March 30, 2016, Calgary Humane Society released a video encouraging its supporters to make a snuffle mat for their pets. The Calgary Association of Digestive Health and Research (CADHR) quickly reached out with their own statistics and review on the snuffle mat.

John Flannigan, Lead Researcher, CADHR said, “We have been using devices similar to the snuffle mat for years to help our patients with gastrointestinal disorders properly digest their food.” (more…)

Halloween Hazards! Keeping your pet safe.

Haloween Hazards


It’s hard to believe but Halloween is just around the corner! Soon the streets will be flooded with little ghouls and goblins looking to fill bags full of sweet treats. Halloween is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, admire some creative costumes and, of course, enjoy the occasional mini chocolate bar!

While Halloween is a fun time for people, it can be a scary time for pets! The strange visitors, ringing doorbell and unusual costumes may cause stress or even frighten a family pet. To make sure Halloween is fun for the whole family, Calgary Humane Society wants to remind you of a few safety tips for your pets! (more…)

Tips for housetraining an adult dog!

Tips for Housetraining


One of the benefits we usually tout about the adoption of an adult or senior dog is the fact they’re housetrained.

“I sure enjoy cleaning up dog pee and poops off my floor,” said No One ever.

During their stay at the shelter though, some housetrained dogs lose their housetraining skills and will do their business in their kennel area. Additionally, scents and odors from other pets in the shelter may cause them to do a little territory marking.

But don’t worry. This is a problem that is easily fixed!  (more…)

Why does fido bark?



We’ve all been here before: your dog won’t. Stop. Barking. He’s barking at your neighbor out the window, he’s barking for dinner, he’s barking at the cat. You think he actually may have just barked at his own fart. You’re about to lose your mind if Fido doesn’t stop barking.

But don’t worry, we’re got some tips to help you figure out why Fido is barking and some solutions to help curb it.

First up is figuring out how long Fido barks and what the cause it. Some clever detective work may be needed to get this info, especially if the barking occurs when you’re not home.  (more…)