Tips for indoor cats this winter

tips for indoor cats

Good morning, CHS Supporters!

We hope you have been enjoying our relatively warm winter so far, but it appears the mercury is starting to drop. Burr! Time to curl up with a great book, a warm blanket and the family pet for some warm indoor evenings.

In some of our previous entries, we talked about animal safety in winter but some of you have very correctly pointed out two things: (1) Most of our advice has been about dogs and (2) The safest place for your cat this winter is indoors.

You are absolutely right on both counts! A lot of the winter safety advice we hand out is for dogs because dogs typically continue to go outside in the winter while we truly hope that everyone is keeping their felines indoors. For felines that are let outside or those who do not have homes, winter can be a very hazardous time. In fact, being allowed to roam outside is hazardous for felines at any time of the year, in addition to being against city bylaws. We have previously shared a little information on how to keep these outdoor felines safe, but we would also encourage you to bring any cats you find outside in the cold to our shelter so we can keep them safe. (more…)

Can Pets Sweat?

do pets sweat
Good morning Calgary Humane Society supporters!

We hope you had a great summer full of sun, heat and all the other great things that summer brings!

Today we bring you an interesting question that we hear from time to time at Calgary Humane Society: Can our pets sweat? If not, how do they beat the heat?


Cat to Cat Introduction Tips!

cat intros


Good morning CHS Supporters!

Welcome to July. We hope you and your furry friends have found a way to keep cool in the summer heat so far. Frozen kongs are proving to be a favorite here at the shelter!

As many of you know, we are critically full of animals right now and a majority of those animals are cats. If you have been thinking about adding a feline to your life then now is a great time to do it! One of the questions we are hearing a lot around the shelter is about how to introduce a new cat to an existing resident cat in a household and that is what we are tackling on the blog today! (more…)

Cat-tastic summer art projects for kids!

summer art projectsGood morning, CHS supporters!

Summer is officially here! That means kids will be out of school soon and looking for something to do. Today on the blog, we’re bringing you two cat-tastic summer art projects for the whole family to enjoy!  (more…)

Why does it take longer for black cats to find a home?

black cat home

Welcome once again to Adopt a Shelter Cat month here on the blog. Today on the blog we are tackling a common question for our education and adoption staff members: Why does it take longer for black cats to get adopted?


We adopt out animals of all sizes, shapes and colours. Big, small, black, white, short and tall we adopt them all, but it is true that certain characteristics do seem to impact how long an animal stays on our adoption floor. While June may mark the celebration of all things feline, the “black cat” phenomenon is not actually limited to cats – all black animals (cats, dogs, rabbits and even snakes) generally take longer to adopt out than their more colourful counterparts. So… what’s the deal? Today we’re going to try to find out… and bust a myth while we are at it!



Cool Cats: Claw edition!

colo cats claws

Hello Calgary Humane Society Supporters!

We hope you are loving this sunshine-filled cat month here on the blog! Summer marks the busiest season for cats at Calgary Humane Society so we can’t think of a better month to cast the spotlight onto our feline friends.

Today on the blog we tackle one of the most frequently asked question about feline attributes: Claws! Learn more about how cats use them and why Calgary Humane Society believes in leaving those claws firmly attached to the cat! (more…)

Cool Cats: Whiskers Edition!


Whiskers cats edition

June plays host to a lot of awesome things here at the shelter including CAT MONTH!

Today on the blog, we’re taking an up close look at one of the most curious of cat features… whiskers!

Ahh whiskers, is there anything more definitively “cat like”? Ask any child to draw a cat and you will likely see a snazzy set of whiskers adorning that feline’s nose in no time. Sure they’re cute, but have you ever stopped to wonder just what exactly a whisker is or why cats have them? If you have, you are in luck, because we did too!  (more…)

A Foster Parent Emergency : Rosie’s Story

Rosie's Story-w

A year has passed since that crazy day in May with Rosie and her babies. I often think about her and her kittens and wonder how they are all doing. What homes were they adopted into, how do the kittens look now, and who got lucky enough to adopt Rosie?

Having already fostered a pregnant mother, we felt fairly confident in fostering another one and eagerly perused the foster list for a suitable candidate.  We picked up Rosie, who was all fluffy and friendly and heavily rounded, when she arrived in our foster room.  She was a sweet little feline who seemed just barely more than a kitten herself.

Our first mother cat had had her babies while we were sleeping, which meant we missed the whole event (it was over in 5 hours with almost no mess and 5 lovely little kittens), so I selfishly hoped that I would get to see at least some of this delivery! (A foster mother can hope, can’t she?) Little did I realize that I would most definitely see part of Rosie’s delivery and it would end up being a rather desperate event.

But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me rewind a bit. (more…)

Hank’s Story

Hank's Story

With anticipation I opened up the email containing that week’s list of critters needing foster care. Many furry faces stared back at me from the list – one in particular, a beat up tank of a stray tomcat named “Hank.” I sent in my requests with my usual ending note – “whoever needs me the most.” I was hoping that Hank needed me the most.  The Foster Coordinator’s reply was “I’d be happy to send you home with Hank.” I was ecstatic – but then the doubts started. He was a rough, unneutered stray cat. What was I in for with this one? I pushed aside my fears and went to get the boy who needed me. (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Shows his volunteer appreciation



Volunteer Month Gary-72


Hello CHS Supporters!

Well, it was bound to happen. In honor of volunteer month, Gary Van Meowski has decided to… umm… ‘grace’ us with his musical skills once again. While we don’t think you’ll see him on the top 40 countdown any time soon, even we have to admit, the cat has some skills…

Without further adieu, we present:


“My Favorite Things” (Spoiler alert: it’s volunteers)

Shamelessly ripped off by: Gary Van Meowski

They’re scooping the litter and petting the kittens

In winter they walk dogs with warm woollen mittens
Brown paper bunny bags they like to bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

The dog class assistants help Fido’s behavior
For dishes and laundry they’re simply our saviours
They work really hard and they make our hearts sing
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They come through the hallways and pick up the trashes
They clean up the poop without batting eyelashes
They take part in cleaning to welcome the spring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!

They make thank-you phone calls and sort all our papers
They stuff event gift bags and help with fun capers
Without them the hard work we do would sure sting
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They are very fine playmates and good toy inspectors
And we cannot forget our great board of directors
They outfit our kennels so we live like kings
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They’ll be helping at Dog Jog to make things run slickly
While others will help those who feel rather sickly
They do all the hard work the shelter can bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!