10 Questions To Ask Before You Get A Dog!

10 dog questions


Hello CHS Supporters! We hope you are loving dog month here on the blog. October is our month to pay tribute to all things canine! If there is a topic you’d like to see covered about man’s best friend, let us know by connecting on our Facebook community page!

Today we bring you some important food for thought if you are planning to add a new furry friend to your family. Ten important questions to ask before you get a dog!

  1. What will my life look like in the future? Have you just experienced a major life change (moving, relationship beginning or ending, birth of a child, job change etc.) or are you expecting one in the next six months? If so it is probably best to hold off on the furry new addition until things have stabilized. Along the same lines, it is important to consider what your life will look like even further into the future. The puppy you adopt today will be with you for 10-15 years or even more! Planning how you will care for your pet in the future is an important thing to think about before you make the life-long commitment!


All about dog noses!




Hello Calgary Humane Supporters! October is dog month at the shelter, and we hope you’re enjoying all of our fun doggy facts. Today on the blog we have decided to talk about… your pooch’s nose!

Yep, that’s right, it’s all about the schnoz today. We’re bringing you the cute, the cool and the curious about the canine olfactory system. (more…)

Is your dog social?

How social is your dog 2


Not all dogs like to play.

To some people, that sentence is a complete shock.

What do you mean not all dogs like to play? How is that even possible?

Trust us, it’s definitely possible. (more…)

7 fun exercise ideas for your dog

7 fun exercises for your dog_W


Walking your dog is SO last year. Just kidding. It’s not. Walking your dog is very important to its health and happiness and still very much on trend.

But we have some other suggestions when it comes to exercising your dog. You’ll find these especially helpful when its -30 or +30 outside and Fido needs some exercise.  (more…)