Create a Pet Resume to Help Secure Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Finding pet-friendly accommodation or convincing a landlord to allow you to rent a place with your pets can be extremely difficult. You know that your pets are well behaved and that you’re a responsible owner, but you’ll need to convince the property owner of this before they will rent to you.

You can create a resume for your pet that will help any potential landlord get to know them.

A pet resume is especially important if you have a dog, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one for your cat or critter too, just in case. A solid pet resume could be the difference between getting the apartment or house of your dreams and missing out!


Be sure to include:

  1. A physical description of your pet, including their weight. Some condo boards, for example, have weight restrictions on pets. It is not a good idea to underestimate your pet’s weight. It could cause trouble down the road if you find yourself in a lease for accommodation that won’t allow your pet.
  2. Vet records. Include information on deworming treatments and vaccinations, whether your pet is spayed/neutered, and anything else that may be relevant to your new landlord.
  3. Behaviour class certificates. If your dog has taken any training classes, be sure to add these to their resume. A well-behaved dog is very appealing to a pet-friendly landlord!
  4. References from a dog walker, kennel, daycare, or pet sitter. Just like you might need references for a place you’re planning to rent, having references for your pet will give your potential landlord a better understanding of your animal’s personality and behaviour.
  5. References from a previous landlord who has rented accommodation to you and your pet.

If you have a dog, try to bring your pet with you to view any potential accommodation. Check with the landlord that this is okay before arriving! You can also include a line on your pet’s resume that they are available for “interviews” at the landlord’s convenience.

Download our Pet Resume Template for Microsoft Word to create your own pet resume.

Black Dog Syndrome and 7 Reasons Why Black Dogs are Awesome

Black dogs are often overlooked in shelters because of something known as “Black Dog Syndrome”.

There’s several explanations as why black dogs might not be adopted as quickly as light-coloured dogs. It could be because black dogs are often portrayed as mean or violent in films or that a stigma against certain types of breeds has put people off of adopting other black dogs. Sometimes potential adopters might pass by a black dog due to superstitious beliefs, similar to the phenomenon surrounding black cats (see our blog post on why it takes so long for black cats to find a home for more information).


We think black dogs are awesome! Here are our top 7 reasons why we know this is true:


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In 2016, Calgary Humane Society was successful in finding homes for 3,493 animals. During last years Home for the Holidays campaign we saw an incredible 262 animals placed in loving forever homes! This year we are hoping to find loving homes for over 300 animals and we cannot accomplish such a feat without your help and generosity.


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Camping with Fido

Whether you’re heading into the great outdoors in a tent, trailer or five-star RV, CHS has 10 tips to make camping with Fido an enjoyable time for everyone involved!

1. Call ahead:

Ensure that your campground of choice allows dogs and find out which areas dogs are allowed.  Most beaches do not allow dogs. Be realistic about your dog’s ability with recall if you allow him/her off leash.


Update on 88 Dogs brought in from Alberta SPCA


We have had many people ask for more information about the 88 dogs we brought in from Alberta SPCA a few weeks ago. Short answer: the dogs are doing pretty well but we still have some work to do. Most of them are chihuahua or yorkie breeds and a lot of them came to us with health and behaviour issues. Many have had surgery or are undergoing behaviour enrichment and are recovering and learning in foster homes, others have already been adopted!

One thing we have noticed about these dogs is their extreme level of fear. In fact the level of fear they are displaying is not something we see every day here at Calgary Humane Society. That is why we wanted to share some tips for those looking to adopt one of these dogs or any fearful dog for that matter. (more…)



Blog PetSecure

Bringing a furry friend into your life is a hugely exciting time! Among the top thoughts on many soon-to-be pet owner’s minds are all the fun things to do and buy: pretty leashes, cool collars, a comfortable bed, a healthy diet, fun toys and tasty treats. Along with the fun also comes the responsibility of pet-ownership including finding a good veterinarian, licensing, identification and training. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the excitement and preparation, even the most organized, loving and dedicated pet owners often overlook one crucial piece of advice: the value of pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can be an invaluable way to plan for health expenses should your pet become sick or injured. Sadly, the reality of not planning for unexpected veterinary expenses means many owners each year face very difficult, and often heartbreaking, choices. (more…)

Research from The Canadian Association of Digestive Health and Research says “Snuffle Mats are good for people too.”

Snuffle Mat Article pic


April 1, 2016

Calgary, AB — Immediate Release

On March 30, 2016, Calgary Humane Society released a video encouraging its supporters to make a snuffle mat for their pets. The Calgary Association of Digestive Health and Research (CADHR) quickly reached out with their own statistics and review on the snuffle mat.

John Flannigan, Lead Researcher, CADHR said, “We have been using devices similar to the snuffle mat for years to help our patients with gastrointestinal disorders properly digest their food.” (more…)