Ask Gary Van Meowski: Dog Jog Edition!

Ask Gary

Hello Peoples,

It is I, Gary Van Meowski, official CHS office cat, premiere advice columnist, feline extraordinaire and 2014 Dog Jog victor. You may have noticed it has been a while since my last advice column on here. You have only the peoples to blame as they took away my laptop. Now I must write my columns by candlelight in the evening hours when the office is abandoned. Yes, it is difficult, but I remain committed to sharing my advice with you.

Many of you have sent me questions about Dog Jog lately, and I cannot blame you. As the 2014 Dog Jog victor I am clearly the most obvious choice for advice on Dog Jog (and so many other topics). So today, I am unlocking the mystery that is my wonderous mind for your benefit. (more…)