Furry Friends Art Show and Sale

Furry Friends Art Show and Sale will feature whimsical paintings of animals created by students of Michael Downs.

Half of the price of painting sold will be donated to the Calgary Humane Society.


Suit up: it’s time for a party!

second blog

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Duke!

Whew! Who knew being a Spokesdog was so much work! The interview schedule alone is enough to up the nap schedule! Speaking of interviews, somebody asked me the other day what I credit my newfound fame and success to. Naturally, they assumed that my good looks and charming personality were my key to success. While being ridiculously good-looking certainly has perks, I can’t say I did it all on my own. I found a happily ever after with a little help from my friends at Calgary Humane Society. Now I’m looking to take advantage of how good I look in a bowtie by giving back and creating more happy stories as the official Cocktails for Critters Spokesdog! (more…)

Duke helps make forevers happen at Cocktails for Critters 2015

Duke Makes Forevers happen

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Duke! Your OFFICIAL 2015 Cocktails for Critters Spokesdog!

Last time I told you a little bit about what my early life looked like, but that story wasn’t just about me. In my old house I had a family too. I had a mom and some siblings… all of us shared the same life. We were all bred to look a certain way, even though our looks meant we couldn’t live normal lives. My friends at Calgary Humane Society say we were all in need of treatment. (more…)

Stella’s Apology

Stella's Appology



Hello, Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Stella here, and I have an update for you.

I have officially divested myself of my coach, Mr. Gary Van Meowski.

I will still be participating in Catwalk 2015, but Mr. Van Meowski is no longer a member of team Stella. This was a difficult decision, and all of us on team Stella wish Mr. Van Meowski the best in his future endeavours.

Over the past few days some evidence has come to light regarding Mr. Van Meowski’s motives for participating in Catwalk 2015 and they are not congruent with the values of team Stella. We also had brought to our attention that Mr. Van Meowski has engaged in some activities that were hurtful to our Dog Jog compatriots. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by team Stella.

As the leader of team Stella, I joined the Catwalk 2015 campaign to make a difference for animals in need at Calgary Humane Society. As a former resident of Calgary Humane Society, I know first hand the hope they give to animals who otherwise would not get a second chance. It was because of the wonderful staff and supporters of CHS that I was able to find my new home, and my only wish is that other animals receive the same benefits.

On behalf of everyone from team Stella, I wanted to extend my heartfelt apologies and regrets for Mr. Van Meowski’s behavior. While we were unaware of his plans, he was nonetheless a part of our team at the time of the incident. We will continue to work to make amends with our friends on team Rufus before the big event starts.

We look forward to seeing you all at Catwalk 2015 (better known as Dog Jog 2015) today.



If you are interested in donating to help everyday animals like Stella click HERE.








Rufus Says “Dog Jog is for Dogs!”


From the desk of Rufus

June 11, 2015

Dearest Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Late in the day on June 10, 2015, Team Rufus was alerted that one Mr. Gary Van Meowski engaged in the spreading of false information related to our upcoming Dog Jog event.

Those of us on Team Rufus would like to respond to this by letting all of our faithful supporters know that at no point has the renaming of Dog Jog 2015 been discussed. At this time, the name of Dog Jog and the role of Spokesdogs within the event are secure.

Calgary Humane Society notes that Dog Jog has a special historical significance for the organization. Having evolved out of the “Great Calgary Pet Party”, Dog Jog has been a signature event for Calgary Humane Society for more than a decade. Today, Dog Jog is one of the most significant fundraising events at Calgary Humane Society, bringing people and pets together to create second chances and brighter futures for Calgary’s animals in need.

Again, we would like to reiterate to all of our generous supporters that Dog Jog 2015 is a GO for this Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at South Glenmore Park. We look forward to seeing all of our incredible teammates on the big day for some fun, festivities and fundraising.


Your official Calgary Humane Society Dog Jog 2015 Spokesdog,



To help support everyday dogs like Rufus register HERE!

A Message From Rufus!

Rufus Dog Jog

Hi hi hi everyone!

Rufus here, your OFFICIAL Spokesdog for Dog Jog 2015!

I hope you are all having fun getting ready for the BIG DAY. I know I am! My mom and I have been training all week, going for long walks and enjoying the sunshine. I can’t wait to see all of you at the event!  (more…)

COUNTDOWN To Dog Jog 2015 Begins


Gary + Stella

Hello Calgary Humane Society (CHS) Supporters!

Welcome again to our COUNTDOWN to Dog Jog 2015! We are looking forward to yet another GREAT day filled with friends, fun and, of course, Fido! From now until Dog Jog, we will be bringing you all the best behind the scenes stories… so if you would like to share some photos or stories about your Dog Jog preparations, please send them to us and you may see them featured in an upcoming blog!

Here is our first behind the scenes interview of the season! We sat down with our brand new General Manager of Communications, Sage Pullen McIntosh to learn what is in store for this year!  (more…)

Take your Dog Jog fundraising to the next level with these 5 tips!

dog jog blog header
With Dog Jog just over a month away, we’ve got five tips to kick your fundraising into high gear!Tips for Raising Pledges

  1. Tell your story. Write a personal appeal to all of your friends and family telling them why you are participating in this event and raising funds to help out homeless animals. Ask them to join your team or make a donation in support of you that will help animals in need.
  2. Compete! Is there more than one Dog Jog team in your company, school or neighbourhood? Inspire everyone’s competitive spirit by setting up a challenge of some kind, or an incentive for the team with the most members or highest fundraising total.
  3. Use available tools. Use the e-mail and web tools available in your participant centre, or your own preferred communication method, to send weekly updates to your current and potential supporters, to share your goal and keep them up to date on your progress and to share news.
  4. Ask for support from your employer. Ask your employer to match what you raise. In addition, individual gifts made by your supporters may be eligible for matching funds from their employers please remind them to find out about their company’s matching gift policy.
  5. Use social media. Place regular updates about your progress on your Facebook or other social networking pages. Encourage people to support your efforts by making a donation in your honour.

Visit our website HERE to register for Dog Jog 2015.