Twas the night before Christmas

Twas The nIght


Twas the night before Christmas and all through CHS

The kitties were tidy… The puppies? A MESS!

The bunnies were nibbling on lettuce and hay

While the birds in the flight deck flapped and twittered away (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Advice Exclusive: Cool holiday gifts for pets (that aren’t toys or treats!)

Gary Van Meowski


Hello peoples,

The countdown is on! Only one day left to stock up on all the best holiday gifts for me.

[Editor’s note: Gary… we talked about this.]

Sigh. Fine. My peoples here at Calgary Humane Society have asked me to provide my insight into some cool holiday gifts for pets this season. Normally I’d say no, but there’s just something about the holiday season that has my heart grow three sizes, plus I saw someone hiding a distinctly catnip-scented gift yesterday, so I should probably keep myself on the good list this year. Of course, the peoples can’t make this easy, so they told me I couldn’t just list all the toys I want. Bah! Humbug. (more…)

Stella’s Apology

Stella's Appology



Hello, Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Stella here, and I have an update for you.

I have officially divested myself of my coach, Mr. Gary Van Meowski.

I will still be participating in Catwalk 2015, but Mr. Van Meowski is no longer a member of team Stella. This was a difficult decision, and all of us on team Stella wish Mr. Van Meowski the best in his future endeavours.

Over the past few days some evidence has come to light regarding Mr. Van Meowski’s motives for participating in Catwalk 2015 and they are not congruent with the values of team Stella. We also had brought to our attention that Mr. Van Meowski has engaged in some activities that were hurtful to our Dog Jog compatriots. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by team Stella.

As the leader of team Stella, I joined the Catwalk 2015 campaign to make a difference for animals in need at Calgary Humane Society. As a former resident of Calgary Humane Society, I know first hand the hope they give to animals who otherwise would not get a second chance. It was because of the wonderful staff and supporters of CHS that I was able to find my new home, and my only wish is that other animals receive the same benefits.

On behalf of everyone from team Stella, I wanted to extend my heartfelt apologies and regrets for Mr. Van Meowski’s behavior. While we were unaware of his plans, he was nonetheless a part of our team at the time of the incident. We will continue to work to make amends with our friends on team Rufus before the big event starts.

We look forward to seeing you all at Catwalk 2015 (better known as Dog Jog 2015) today.



If you are interested in donating to help everyday animals like Stella click HERE.








Rufus Says “Dog Jog is for Dogs!”


From the desk of Rufus

June 11, 2015

Dearest Calgary Humane Society Supporters,

Late in the day on June 10, 2015, Team Rufus was alerted that one Mr. Gary Van Meowski engaged in the spreading of false information related to our upcoming Dog Jog event.

Those of us on Team Rufus would like to respond to this by letting all of our faithful supporters know that at no point has the renaming of Dog Jog 2015 been discussed. At this time, the name of Dog Jog and the role of Spokesdogs within the event are secure.

Calgary Humane Society notes that Dog Jog has a special historical significance for the organization. Having evolved out of the “Great Calgary Pet Party”, Dog Jog has been a signature event for Calgary Humane Society for more than a decade. Today, Dog Jog is one of the most significant fundraising events at Calgary Humane Society, bringing people and pets together to create second chances and brighter futures for Calgary’s animals in need.

Again, we would like to reiterate to all of our generous supporters that Dog Jog 2015 is a GO for this Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at South Glenmore Park. We look forward to seeing all of our incredible teammates on the big day for some fun, festivities and fundraising.


Your official Calgary Humane Society Dog Jog 2015 Spokesdog,



To help support everyday dogs like Rufus register HERE!

Gary Van Meowski Renames Dog Jog 2015 in Favor of Cats

Gary renames Dogjog


From the desk of Gary Van Meowski

June 10, 2015


In response to overwhelming support of the Catwalk 2015 campaign, spearheaded by the irreplaceable Gary Van Meowski, Official CHS office cat, premiere advice columnist and feline extraordinaire, Calgary Humane Society has elected to rename Dog

Jog 2015 and replace the event with Catwalk 2015.

This decision follows weeks of careful deliberation and Calgary Humane Society officials state that they believe the change will be positive.

“Let’s face it, dogs drool,” says Sage,the new communications manager, in response to the decision. “It’s time for more cats and less fleas.”

Anyone who was planning to be at Dog Jog 2015 is encouraged to wear a cat shirt instead. Or cat shoes. Whatever. Wear something with a cat on it.

All dogs will be immediately removed from the park.

Calgary Humane Society would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Gary Van Meowski who helped us to see the light and make this progressive change for the future.

Ask Gary Van Meowski: Dog Jog Edition!

Ask Gary

Hello Peoples,

It is I, Gary Van Meowski, official CHS office cat, premiere advice columnist, feline extraordinaire and 2014 Dog Jog victor. You may have noticed it has been a while since my last advice column on here. You have only the peoples to blame as they took away my laptop. Now I must write my columns by candlelight in the evening hours when the office is abandoned. Yes, it is difficult, but I remain committed to sharing my advice with you.

Many of you have sent me questions about Dog Jog lately, and I cannot blame you. As the 2014 Dog Jog victor I am clearly the most obvious choice for advice on Dog Jog (and so many other topics). So today, I am unlocking the mystery that is my wonderous mind for your benefit. (more…)

COUNTDOWN To Dog Jog 2015 Begins


Gary + Stella

Hello Calgary Humane Society (CHS) Supporters!

Welcome again to our COUNTDOWN to Dog Jog 2015! We are looking forward to yet another GREAT day filled with friends, fun and, of course, Fido! From now until Dog Jog, we will be bringing you all the best behind the scenes stories… so if you would like to share some photos or stories about your Dog Jog preparations, please send them to us and you may see them featured in an upcoming blog!

Here is our first behind the scenes interview of the season! We sat down with our brand new General Manager of Communications, Sage Pullen McIntosh to learn what is in store for this year!  (more…)

Gary Van Meowski Shows his volunteer appreciation



Volunteer Month Gary-72


Hello CHS Supporters!

Well, it was bound to happen. In honor of volunteer month, Gary Van Meowski has decided to… umm… ‘grace’ us with his musical skills once again. While we don’t think you’ll see him on the top 40 countdown any time soon, even we have to admit, the cat has some skills…

Without further adieu, we present:


“My Favorite Things” (Spoiler alert: it’s volunteers)

Shamelessly ripped off by: Gary Van Meowski

They’re scooping the litter and petting the kittens

In winter they walk dogs with warm woollen mittens
Brown paper bunny bags they like to bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

The dog class assistants help Fido’s behavior
For dishes and laundry they’re simply our saviours
They work really hard and they make our hearts sing
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They come through the hallways and pick up the trashes
They clean up the poop without batting eyelashes
They take part in cleaning to welcome the spring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!

They make thank-you phone calls and sort all our papers
They stuff event gift bags and help with fun capers
Without them the hard work we do would sure sting
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They are very fine playmates and good toy inspectors
And we cannot forget our great board of directors
They outfit our kennels so we live like kings
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

They’ll be helping at Dog Jog to make things run slickly
While others will help those who feel rather sickly
They do all the hard work the shelter can bring
Volunteers are just some of my favorite things!

When my food’s out, when my bed’s gone
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel so glad!